We need to SOUNDLY beat the Utes in Utah this week

Ok, so we're 2-0, we're # 11 in the country, we've won 12 of 13 home games (or something like that, though clearly nowhere even close to $C's streak at home in the last SIX years)... hmmm... what else? our defense isn't allowing that many points (but then again, yardage is another story, and we HAVE played against less-than-stellar teams thus far in '07)...

that's the good news... and yes, let's admit, all of the above is VERY good news... but it is what we EXPECT -- at a minimum -- from our football program. The fact it's taken Dorrell nearly FIVE years to position the team here is not something to be proud of...

now the negative... we're 2-0, after two games against programs that are nowhere near where they'd like to be, one at home, one on the road, and we're already appear to be gasping for air here (the defense especially)... yes, Stanford should have been easy, a Jim Harbaugh-coached team isn't exactly Bill Walsh material (no offense to Harbaugh), and to BYU's credit, they are a physical team and have been known to pile up yards (and have for decades now, see Steve Young, the Detmers, etc.) but c'mon, Bruins, what the hell is going on when they come to the Rose Bowl and we literally eek it out in our home opener... Had this been $C, they would have beaten BYU something like 45-10 or 51-3 or something like that... SC won their opener last week by 18 points, and THAT was considered a weak game... what the hell is going on??

Let me say this now... if we don't beat Utah by at least THIRTY points (AT LEAST), we should start calling for Dorrell's job now. Utah not only is a hurt team, but their program is (or should be) one tier BELOW ours... we should blast them out of their own stadium, a total take-no-prisoners attitude.  The question is: are we capable of doing this...

At the rate we're going, our next two opponents after the lowly Utes are Washington and OSU. Washington will go into that game already confident they can beat us because they did -- soundly -- last year. And, I also have more faith in Willingham than I do Dorrell. I can totally see KD bowing to Tyrone out of some sense of respect and Willingham knowing that, coming into the game with his troops ready to beat us at HOME, which as we saw Saturday is completely possible. Next is OSU, the Beavers, which tend to surprise us what seems like every other year... They also tend to be a cocky bunch... and the fact they'll be at home against us will surely give them an even bigger boost. IF we're undefeated by then, still, then we know we can beat them. But if we're not, or have continued to win games in such weak fashion, then they will beat us...

after that comes Cal... that game in itself, could make or break our season whether or not we're undefeated... If we are and beat Cal... we're looking at what could be a glorious season... if we are undefeated and lose to them, watch out! The typical Dorrellian Second Half Crumble will commence promptly... if we go in there with a less than optimal record ( i.e. one loss or heaven forbid, two), it's over... not only for the program (for at least a couple years, but for KD himself)... much of this begins by beating the Utes SOUNDLY this Saturday...

I realize this missive is getting far too ahead of the game, but what are we to do when our team, our 'coach' already appears to be throwing in the towel or making excuses, or whatever it is you want to call it.... This horrendous BYU game (yes, I know we won, but I, like most of you, probably, got a lump in my throat when I saw the final score.. i seriously thought they'd beat BYU in a 45-13 score or something like that...) a ten-point victory that wasn't decided until the final minute or so at the Rose Bowl against a team that yeah, is tough, but one we should have POUNDED is sad... if football were to be played in five quarters, or had this game been played in Utah, THEY WOULD HAVE KICKED OUR A_ _ es... and, in the end, they pretty much did. Read Plashke's column in yesterday's LA Times... he got it right.

Yes, it's early... yes, it's likely our guys took Stanford and BYU somewhat lightly pyschologically, but the fact is we can't afford to play like this. We're now NUMBER ELEVEN in the country... look at the top ten... many of those programs (read MOST) will end up losing in the next few weeks, which gives us the ENORMOUS OPPORTUNITY to reach the top FIVE... then possibly the TOP three, and so forth...

in my gut of guts, I know those pricks 'cross town will still be # 1 or # 2 come November... how beautiful would it be, Bruins, if come 1 December, we, UCLA (possibly a # 3 or # 2 team in the nation by then) face the # 1 Trojans at the Coliseum (THEIR HOUSE!) for a pre-national championship match. We'd have the Trojans psychologically beat given (13-9!!!!) what happened last year... That would be a game for the ages...

THIS is why we need to beat the Utes, and then the Huskies, and the likes of the BEAVERS soundly in the next few weeks... We need to start thinking big. Obviously, this is a sport that needs to think one-game at a time... but hypothetically, this can happen. There is no reason why it shouldn't. If it doesn't, this is an instant where it is all on the coach, and if that's the case, he needs to start packing now.

We need to beat the Utes this Saturday on the road -- SOUNDLY -- like our season depends on it. If we eek out a victory there, the season is basically history. You heard it here first. P.S. also, why are we hiring Offensive Coordinators from Nebraska anyway... since when has Nebraska been an offensive firepower (in the traditional sense we know of? Nebraska rarely faces any real competition in their conference as it is... Offensive coordinators at Nebraska or Oklahoma, schools of that type are usually overrated...

WS Montano, Class of 1994... Wash, DC.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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