Plays Of The Year candidates: BYU

cross-posted from DumpDorrell.

As you may recall, with the Stanford game we started a weekly postgame post this year based on the Top 10 Plays of the Year post that we published at the end of last year featuring our top 10 plays for 2006.  We published that post on BruinsNation as well and a BruinNation member, jtthirtyfour,  put together a great video of all the Top 10 Plays of the Year in order starting from the 10th best play.  It's an amazing video compilation.  So this year we thought we'd get a head start by listing the candidates for Plays of the Year after each game.  By the time the season ends we should have many to choose from.

Here are our Plays of the Year (POTY) candidates for the BYU game: 

  2. CB Trey Brown 56 yard interception return for TD.  Just over 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter and we really hadn't got much going. 2 quick stalled drives and a long FG.  We were up only 3-0 in our first home game.  BYU hadn't done much either against our D but they were finally in our territory.  That's when Trey Brown stepped in front of BYU QB Max Hall's pass and ran it back for a pick 6.  That got the team and the stadium fired up. We scored on 2 of our next 4 possessions.
  4. DE Bruce Davis sacks BYU QB Max Hall in 4th Qtr.  Critical play because BYU was deep in our territory moving the ball and getting ready to score and take the lead.  BYU, down 20-17, took a 16 play drive down to our own 13 yard line for a 1st and 10. During that drive BYU faced 4 3rd down situations, 3 of which were 9 yards or more including a 3rd and 19 after a penalty, yet still managed to get 1st downs!  They were on the move. On that 1st down at our 13, Davis came around the end too quickly for the offensive lineman to even set up.  He got to Hall before he could react.  It must have had an effect on Hall because the very next play, 2nd and 16 from our 19, Davis hit Hall's arm as he threw forcing a fumble and junior DE Tom Blake recovered.  That ended their drive and took the wind out of their sails.
  6. DE Bruce Davis forces a fumble late in 4th Qtr that we recover. This is the 2nd and 16 play from our own 19 yard line, BYU QB Hall drops back to pass ... with a TD BYU takes the lead. Hall had nearly 400 yards passing against us so a TD pass was easily doable. But Bruce Davis would not lose this game and followed up a brilliant sack by hitting Hall's arm while it was in motion forcing a fumble. DE Tom Blake recovered and BYU never got going again.
  8. Aaron Perez kicks booming 54 yard punt late in 3rd. Perez had 6 punts land inside the 20 yard line this game yet still managed to average over 44 yards on 8 punts total.  The most significant punt occurred late in the 3rd quarter with BYU trailing by just a field goal, 20-17.  We had gone a quick and disappointing 3 and out and were punting from our 29 yard line.  Perez got the ball to BYU's 17 yard line, forcing BYU to march down the length of the field.  Shades of SuC last year.
Those are the plays that stand out as great plays and significant to the outcome of the game. If you have any others please chime in.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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