We're five years into this nightmare... please wake me up, somebody, please...

A part of me feels bad for Dorrell, because I've no doubt he's a nice guy, but nice guys don't necessarily deserve head coaching duties, esp. not at UCLA. We need a real disciplinarian who will come in and get these kids ready to play. And I can call them 'kids' because that's pretty much what they played like. We need a coach who doesn't hold back, who has a reputation, a solid one.. who has WON CHAMPIONSHIPS! I know we're a state school, but can we seriously NOT afford a great coach? What gives??

I always, always make the comparison with $UC... these are pretty much 'men' playing...they're superior in talent, but more importantly in mindset, in how they approach the game -- each and every game. They are playing in Lincoln, Nebraska right now and are slapping the Cornhuskers around on a Saturday when EVERYONE in Nebraska is watching... This current coach of ours and this team would without a doubt lose under this type of pressure by about thirty points. Heck, we lost to UTAH, of all teams by 38! When does this madness end??

This utah team was a badly bruised team that was looking for ANY kind of lift. They were literally hoping for 'moral' victories against UCLA tonight...they were merely hoping, HOPING to look respectable. And look what they did?

How can Dorrell not have these guys ready to play?? How can the team not be deep enough after FIVE years into this mess to replace a couple key linemen (on both sides of the ball) for a game like this? How can our now SECOND stringer, behind Olson, be a WALK-ON for goodness sake?

SC lost one of their linemen tonight to a serious neck injury apparently. You would never even know that by the way his back-up is playing.. they simply don't miss a beat. If David Booty were suddenly knocked out of a game, I'm certain his back-up would pick it up where the team left off...

We never have the type of fortitude, enthusiasm, drive, fire, reputation, etc. to survive an entire season like SC does, or like the Florida schools or LSUs or Michigans and NDs (when they're in fact good)... When these types of teams are good, they DOMINATE throughout the year... they NEVER experience outright DRUBBINGS like tonight, like 19-66 or that annihilation in Tucson two years ago...

I cannot fathom why Dorrell wouldn't have these guys ready to go, to execute and more importantly to bring them back into the game after a meager 6-14 halftime deficit. It in fact, got worse in the second half, MUCH WORSE... there simply is no explanation for it...

I honestly am now speechless. I feel for Dorrell personally for this has got to hurt. I thank him for getting the troops ready for SC last year, whatever he did worked. That was a fantastic performance. But everything else, even that fluke 10-2 season two years ago has been less than stellar, completely uninspiring, and just plain mediocre.

I'm sorry, but we deserve much better than this. We really do. It's an embarrassing chapter in the UCLA football program.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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