Dump Dorrell Now: The Caretaker Plan

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Our interview on ESPN radio yesterday with Mason and Ireland has generated great discussion in Bruin Nation, here on DD and on other sites, specifically regarding what Steve Mason called The Mason Plan.  Quickly, The Mason Plan proposes firing Karl Dorrell today and installing DC DeWayne Walker as "interim coach" as a sort of trial head coaching gig.  We had many problems with the Mason Plan as we outlined yesterday.  However, in the meantime, many Bruin fans have come up with great alternatives that have us seriously considering the idea ... one we will call The Caretaker Plan (with apologies to Steve Mason).  After much consideration, we at DD are supporting this plan, and we will outline here why.

The Caretaker Plan proposes that we fire Dorrell now and bring in an esteemed veteran coach to take over the team for the season while Guerrero looks for a replacement.  A couple of esteemed veterans that have been suggested are Dick Vermeil and Steve Mariucci.  An esteemed veteran such as Vermeil and Maruicci provide the following benefits:

  2. He could command respect in the locker room sure to be divided over loyalties towards Dorrell. 
  4. He could understand the playbook pretty quickly and slim it down to a core group of plays that the team could learn to execute well. 
  6. He would also be able to provide expert guidance to Training Jay and former wunderkind DC DeWayne Walker and command their respect. 
  8. He would appease the fans who are done with Dorrell and the football team until changes are made.  Fans would return to the Rose Bowl in force bringing back revenues that are sure to be lost with Dorrell's epic loss to Utah.
  10. He would show to the football world that UCLA operates with excellence in mind, that we have a commitment to excellence, NOT a commitment to mediocrity.
  12. He would show recruits that UCLA has the cache to bring in great coaches and make the right moves when necessary and that we will do what is needed to keep the program at its best.
The obvious choice for caretaker coach is Dick Vermeil, although Mariucci would also be a good choice (and we know that Guerrero was talking to him last year).  Vermeil has a great resume and is a former UCLA coach. He would command the respect of the players and the coaches, the fans and the recruits.   We at DumpDorrell endorse Vermeil.  However, we are mindful of the political costs that remain ... let's not kid ourselves that Guerrero and the football program won't feel the blowback from a quick move.  And would Guerrero make the move now?? Hardly likely, but maybe after a Washington loss.  Nevertheless the discussion advances the inevitability of a coaching change.  So we will continue to endorse this plan.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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