Plays Of The Year candidates - Stanford [w/ Video Highlights]

Bumped from the diaries. GO BRUINS. -N

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We are starting a weekly postgame post this year that is based on the Top 10 Plays of the Year post that we published at the end of last year that featured our top 10 plays for 2006.  We published that post on BruinsNation as well and a BruinsNation member, jtthirtyfour, put together a great video of all the Top 10 Plays of the Year in order starting from the 10th best play.  It's an amazing video compilation.  So this year we thought we'd get a head start by listing the candidates for Plays of the Year after each game.  By the time the season ends we should have many to choose from.

Here are our Plays of the Year (POY) candidates for the Stanford game:

  2. Ben Olson screen pass to Joe Cowan for 77 yard TD reception.  Ben Olson threw a short jail-break screen to Joe Cowan that ended in a 77 yard TD jolt down the sidelines to break open a still too close 21-10 game late in the 3rd Quarter. This TD seemed to take the wind out of the sails of the Cardinal.  From then on, yards came very easily.
  4. Ben Olson flea-flicker to Brandon Breazell for 49 yards.  After a slow start to our 3rd quarter offense with a stalled drive and missed 42 yard field goal, and with the score still a close 14-7, OC Jay Norvell calls a flea-flicker trick play on our 2nd series from our own 44 yard line that ended up being pivotal in getting our offense going.  On the play immediately preceding the flea-flicker, Norvell had called a 1st down pass play that gained another 1st down. So when Olson and Markey sold the run part of the flea-flicker the Stanford safety bought it and Olson found Breazell wide open down field.  That set up an easy 4 yard TD throw to Dominique Johnson and started the offensive outburst of the 2nd half.
  6. Khalil Bell 22 yard run on 3rd and 1 (from Nestor). As noted above in #1, we needed to put some points on the board early in the 2nd half as Stanford was holding at 14-7. Our 1st drive fizzled in 5 plays including a missed a 42 yard FG. Our second drive quickly brought us 3rd and 1 at our own 12 yard line and we needed to break through. Olson handed to Bell who was hit behind the line hard and stumbled backwards a couple of yards more. Gathering his legs, Bell knocked away one tackler and evaded another still behind the line, and then proceeded to bang through Stanford defensive lines for a tough 22 yard gain to keep the drive alive. 2 plays later we were in the red zone with the flea-flicker.

If you can think of any more that should be on this list let us know.

UPDATE -N: And here are the video highlights compiled by jtthirtyfour:


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