Plays Of The Year candidates: Washington

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We are going to get right to it this week because we are short on time.  Here are the candidates for Plays of the Year from the Washington game, there are many: 

  2. Chris Markey 66 yard run in 1st Qtr.  Markey was apparently upset that his starting job went to Kahlil Bell, who had a pretty good first series, so he set out to make a statement.  On his second run, Markey ran up the gut for 66 yards on our second drive of the game and set the tone for the game. The run got the crowd into into the game.  Markey's run also showed that the OL going to make their statement, that they were going to control the line.  We ended up with only a FG but it was a start and the lead.
  4. Brendon Breazell 57 yard pass to Terrence Austin in 2nd Qtr.  Early in the 2nd, Washington scored a touchdown and took the lead, 7-3.  We needed to answer!  We were about to go 3 and out when Cowan found TE Gavin Ketchum for a 23 yard pass play on 3rd and 20 from our 37, maybe worthy of Play of the Year candidate itself. Credit Training Jay for calling a nice little trick play on the very next play that worked to perfection as Cowan handed off to Breazell who found a wide open Austin down field. A few plays later we score and take the lead.
  6. Cowan 2 yard fade pass to Dominique Johnson for a TD in 2nd Qtr.  Down 7-3 in the closing minutes of the first half, we needed to give the crowd and the team something to cheer about.  After converting only a FG the last time we were near the end zone we needed to convert.  On 3rd and goal from the 2, Cowan put some touch on a fade pass in the end zone to Johnson where only he could catch it. And he did. We took back the lead.
  8. Dennis Keyes 60 yard interception return for a TD in 3rd Qtr.  Ahead by a touchdown 17-10, our offense had stalled for a couple of drives, including a let down on 4th and 2 deep in Washington territory. We were stalling.  Washington had come out worse going 3 and out twice. On their 3rd drive of the half, they finally got a first down and were about to cross midfield when Washington QB Jake Locker threw a lazy pass across field to the sideline.  Keyes anticipated it and jump in front and was off to the races, going untouched into the endzone. We had our 2 TD lead and the crowed went nuts.
  10. Chris Markey 72 yard rush for a TD in 4th Qtr.  Washington came back to within a TD, 24-17, early in the 4th after Cowan was intercepted at our own 20 yard line. Cowan would leave the game trying to tackle the defender who intercepted his pass.  Washington scored in just 2 plays, the momentum was shifting, and the crowd was getting nervous. After a few Kahlil Bell running plays, Markey got the ball from backup QB MacLoed Bethel-Thompson at our own 28 yard line on 2nd and 8. He ran right up the gut past the linebackers all the way to the end zone. This time, he would not be caught from behind.  Our lead goes back to 2 TDs.
  12. Matthew Slater 85 yard kickoff return for a TD in 4th Qtr.  Washington refused to go away, closing to within a touchdown for the second time in the 4th quarter.  With the score now 31-24, Washington kicked off and a tense Rose Bowl crowd watched as Slater cut threw the center of the field quickly, drawing to the right sideline as he cruised down the field all alone to a TD.  That put the lead back at 2 TDs and Washington would not get close again.
  14. Pat Cowan shovel pass to Brendon Breazell on 3rd and 6 at the Washington 16 in 3rd Qtr. This was our first drive of the 3rd Qtr and the game was tied at 10 all. We needed to come out and score to get the crowd in the game. We started at our own 29 and drove up the field with only 1 3rd down, which we converted. If we failed to convert here we would have most likely kicked a field goal and killed the crowd vibe and our momentum. Cowan drops back to pass and is immediately surrounded by the pass rush. He escapes down the middle but is hit and while being taken down he heaves a desperate shovel pass to Breazell for an 8 yard gain and a first down. The very next play, Kahlil Bell takes it to the house, we take the lead.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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