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Dohn has some notes on the search for the OC:

Cleveland Browns assistant coach Rip Scherer has emerged as a candidate for UCLA's offensive coordinator's position, Norm Chow remains on the Bruins' radar and former Auburn offensive coordinator Al Borges spoke about a possible return to Westwood.

However, Friday came and went without UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel hiring an offensive coordinator, or announcing any other moves with his staff.

Scherer spent last season as the Cleveland Browns' assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach, and has extensive experience as an offensive coordinator, beginning in 1986, when he was the coordinator at Georgia Tech.

Scherer was also the head coach at Division I-AA James Madison, where he went 29-19 in four seasons before moving to Memphis, where he went 22-44 from 1995 to 2000. He spent the last three years on the Browns' staff.

Chow, the Tennessee Titans' offensive coordinator, and Neuheisel had yet to talk as of Friday, although sources said Neuheisel wanted to at least speak to Chow before choosing a coordinator.

However, sources added Chow was "long, long shot" to leave a lucrative NFL deal and return to UCLA, where he interviewed for the head coaching job but did not even get a second interview. Again as much as I would love to dream about Chow being our next OC, I don't see it happening. However, I really admire CRN's gumption and effort in going after him. That tells me something about his tenacity and determination to go after the best and not being afraid of rejection.

As for Scherer here is the full bio from Browns website which includes this background: Coaching Background:
1974-75     Penn State, graduate assistant
1976     North Carolina State, part-time assistant quarterbacks coach
1977-78     University of Hawaii, running backs coach
1979     University of Virginia, quarterbacks coach
1980-81     Georgia Tech, quarterbacks coach
1982-84     Georgia Tech, running backs coach
1985     Georgia Tech, assistant athletic director
1986     Georgia Tech, quarterbacks coach/offensive coordinator
1987     University of Alabama, offensive coordinator
1988-90     University of Arizona, offensive coordinator/director of football operations (1988)
1991-94     James Madison University, head coach
1995-2000     University of Memphis, head coach
2001     University of Kansas, co-offensive coordinator
2003-04     Southern Mississippi, offensive coordinator
2005-06     Cleveland Browns, quarterbacks coach
2007     Cleveland Browns, assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach He sounds like an intriguing candidate to say the least. Bringing someone like him in here who has no prior connection to the program would represent a fresh change and bring some new perspective in our program. I think that is something worth considering.

Meanwhile, on the defensive side according to Scott Wolf from DN Norton is now likely to stay at South Central. Then again IIRC it was Wolf who also said UCLA would probably not hire Neuheisel as the next football coach. So we will see how it all plays out.

In another note CRN has decided to go in a different direction wrt to strength and conditioning coach. Don't fault him for that decision given how injuries and conditioning have always seemed to be a huge issue in last few years.


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