UCLA Athletics for the Common Man (er, Person)

Tasser10 has done a great service by posting a diary on UCLA crew. As he and many have commented, it is an extremely interesting and engaging sport with a fantastic tradition. But sadly, crew at UCLA is now conducted on the "club" level.

Club sports are an interesting concept with a lot of the vestiges of high-power college athletics and competition but not possessing a serious budget. If there is an analogy, I guess it would be American semi-pro football.

Anyone remember the Orange County Rhinos?

There are many other club sports at UCLA, all coming under the aegis of the recreation department. You know, those guys who handed you the flags and the football and pointed out to the rec field or were up at the student union to referee the table tennis matches. Here is a link to the UCLA site devoted to these endeavors. The sports range from the sublime (crew, USCF cycling, wrestling, water polo) to the ridiculous..

..well, none of these endavors can be classified as ridiculous to their dedicated followers. But, the array of sports is amazing and it is kind of neat that any Walter Mitty student can go head to head with athletes at (almost) the collegiate level.

It is hoped that many of these club activities are the dormant remnants of slumbering giants waiting only for the requisite funding and energy to awaken them into full-fledged collegiate sports once more. But it is truly amazing how a lot of them get by on a shoestring and from the contributions and efforts of their participants and fans.

I have a son who is heading off to OCC this fall and wants to take a crack at crew. I note that UCLA will be showing up at a lot of regattas with the other clubs and college teams from the area, so I might take him to see a race or two. You might check out the various clubs' sites (those that are current) and see what they have to offer as well.

No law says you got to spend a fortune on parking, tickets, and hot dogs just to have a good time and watch some good UCLA athletes in action.

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