I Get Enough Drama At Home

The Teenage Saga of DW

I'm not a big fan of DW, and for reasons I've already written, I'd like to see him go. I can summarize those posts in one word: "Iago"

That said, I'm not sure that this fight is over money. It may be over control over/and protecting the job security of the assistants on the D side of the ball.

If that's true, it shows an admiriable quality -- loyalty -- toward the people one works with. To me, loyalty is a primary value and those who are loyal are to be admired.

But, it also shows a fundamental misunderstanding of "command structure" -- these are UCLA's coaches not the D's, and are, threfore, under the command of the HC.

Whatever the issues involved, we don't know what's going on, because -- once more -- these things are being properly done in secret.

Once more, we are getting stuff from Dohn, which we all assume is from DW. Given Dohn's record, that may not be a safe assumption. He gets played like a violin by his "sources".

I have no trouble giving this story the time to play out.

I don't want DW back, I think that after these big campaigns for him it will be difficult to step back and work FOR RN.

Also, I've got a 15 year old daughter who is quite grounded. Even so, I get my share of DRAMA at home, and don't need it in the world surrounding my alma mater's football team. DW is DRAMA squared. It's tiring. (The "these are my recruits and give me what I want or they won't like you" or the "only Eric and I can recruit in the inner city" crap is the stuff of teenagers, not grown ups.)

Yes, I know these are not the things DW is personally saying, they are coming from his shills, but he could STOP this stuff with one public statement

"UCLA is a great school and all of you who have committed to UCLA should keep your committments. RN will be a great HC, UCLA a great team, and you should take advantage of this great opportunity -- without regard to what I do". So far, he hasn't said anything like that.)

(And, BTW, when RN left Colorado for the UW, he DID tell his players to stay put, that they had a future at UC and that things would be ok. How do I know? It's in the reports of the NCAA investigation of him.)

But, if RN wants DW back, and apprently he does, I want DW back.

But, I trust that RN is out looking for a great DC, as this drama unfolds. Perhaps, a well placed leak or two about who those people might be will end the DW holdout -- one way or the other.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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