KD goes to Miami

ESPN is reporting that KD has signed on as the WR coach for the Miami Dolphins. Congratulations and good luck, Karl.

Now for a few questions/comments:

KD was a successful WR coach at Denver, but was obviously in over his head here at UCLA. Leaving what we think of KD aside for the moment, does it shock anyone else that The Tuna brought him onto staff? I, personally, am quite shocked. I realize that KD had success as an NFL WR coach, but he just doesn't seem like the typical Parcells-type guy. Obviously, I am wrong.

Many BNers had responded to the incorrect leaked news of KD going to KC with very positive and congratulatory remarks. It's good to see this. But let me also say that if I were KD, I would DESPISE bruinsnation and dumpdorrell. Let's face it: we absolutely reamed him. Yes we gave him time--5 years--but when the flood gates broke, boy did they break. Viscious ads in the newspaper, hundreds of ferocious blogs...we made his life pretty darn rough. What I really want to mention is that the attacks were NOT limited to his coaching ability. There were numerous posts containing attacks against his character, his passion, and his effort. It was personal, and I don't think we can just brush this aside and wish him luck. I have not fully forgiven his mistakes as coach, and I would not expect him to have forgiven our attacks. I hope the wounds heal in the future--but for now, all I can really say is that I hope he fits in at Miami, and that I hope UCLA football is better off without him.

Despite the above, I do not believe that KD was a terrible head coach--mediocre I think is a better term. I felt that for the most part his players stayed out of trouble and his teams were not bottom-feeders, but middle-of-the-pack. Unacceptable for UCLA, yes, but other quality schools have been there before (or worse, case in point LSU in the '90s). Also, given the level of criticism he received throughout his time here, I felt he conducted himself very well.

KD will always be a very touchy subject, especially here at BN. I just hope that the results of all the hirings and firings will be good in the long-run for both sides.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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