HBO Exposes Bush Scandal, New Legal Development

Multiple stories on the Bush scandal front.

HBO's "Real Sports" did a huge segment on the Bush payola at South Central. is all over it:

On the Season Premiere of HBO's "Real Sports" last night, Lake was interviewed in depth, and he laid it out clearly for the whole Country - and the NCAA - to ponder.  He started out giving Reggie $13,000 for a Chevy Impala SS, and thousands more for rims, wheels, and a kick ass stereo.  The reason why he had to do this:  Reggie said it was humiliating driving around his old beat-up pick-up truck, and that since he's a big star, he should be driving something nicer.  And once he had the nice, pimped-out vehicle, he had to live in style, so he demanded that Lake bring him $3000 a month.  He knew that what he was doing was wrong, because he had Lake sneak around like they were both Secret Service Agents.  Lake says that Bush's Stepdad Lamar Griffin told him that times were tough, and he was sick of being a Security Guard, and demanded $28,000 for himself.

Reggie told Lake that he would pay him back for everything, if he didn't start up an Agency with him.  The audio tapes that Lake produced contain conversations where Griffin freely admits to all the illegal financial support, and basically guarantees Lake that Reggie will re-imburse Lake for every penny he spent.  Unless you think that Lake magically FABRICATED the tapes, they are totally damning.  They implicate not only the Parents, but Bush himself.

Another item that Lake brought was a receipt from Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel - whose logo IS a Griffin!! - SIGNED BY REGGIE BUSH himself.  And the bill was on the credit card of Michael Michaels - Lloyd Lake's partner.

So if Lloyd Lake is telling the truth, Bush is doomed.  But Bush says Lake is a convicted felon, and no one should believe what the guy says.  BUT, Bush has offered no other source for the windfall that he and his family received.  And as far as Lake's felony, it's selling WEED!  Big f-ing deal.  It's not exactly Treason, or Double-Murder.  The OLD, WHITE  Reporter who interviewed Black ex-con Lake for HBO takes Lake at his word, and he was the one with the best chance to discredit the guy, but couldn't.

What else is Lloyd Lake up to? He is also planning to show up in a legal deposition:

The NCAA's investigation into allegations former Southern California running back Reggie Bush and his family received improper payments and gifts while the Heisman Trophy winner was in college might finally reach a revelatory moment in mid-February.

Lloyd Lake, a San Diego businessman and Bush friend who says he gave Bush and his stepfather, LaMar Griffin, and mother, Denise Griffin, $291,600 in cash, living arrangements and other benefits between November 2004 and January 2006, has agreed to give a deposition beginning Feb. 12.

Lake, 34, and his attorney, Brian Watkins, sued Bush and his family in October to recoup the money Lake says was part of a verbal agreement he and his business partner Michael Michaels had with Bush and the Griffins to launch New Era Sports and Entertainment.

Bush repeatedly has denied doing anything improper, and David Cornwell, Bush's attorney, has accused Lake of extortion.

Meanwhile, Watkins said Tuesday that he will "put Reggie Bush on notice" to give his deposition that same week.

"We have asked Reggie Bush and his attorneys four times for a convenient date, and they have refused to respond," Watkins said. "So we will set the date for the week of February 12, so he will be compelled to show. Reggie has not talked to the NCAA. He has not been cooperative with USC. He has always said the truth will come out. Now the truth will come out. Reggie will be compelled to answer questions under oath."

Grab some popcorn everyone.

Go Bruins!!

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