Pom Pom Eying San Francisco

Jon Wilner (the San Jose Mercury News) is picking up hot and heavy chatter re. Pom Pom eying the Forty Niners' gig:

* I heard that in order for Carroll to seriously consider the Niners job, the Yorks would have to offer upwards of $5 million per year and allow Carroll to bring his USC staff with him and install his own general manager (perhaps longtime NFL pal Pat Kirwan).

But multiple sources told me that if the Yorks are in fact willing to make changes at coach and GM, that Carroll very much wants them to make an offer — he wants to have the option to return to the Bay Area (he’s from Marin), the Niners (former defensive coordinator) and the NFL (former two-time head coach).

Of course, as a very well-placed source told me at the time, Carroll wanted the Yorks to make him an offer before they hired Mike Nolan. But they balked, thinking Carroll was out of their price range.

* And what if Carroll left? Who would the Trojans hire? One name that came up twice: Mike Riley, the Oregon State coach and former USC assistant.

Some quick thoughts here.

As a Bruin fan, the move could be amusing because it will put Southern Cal in an interesting situation.

As a Niner fan, I wouldn't want Pom Pom to lead the Niners. He has a been proven failure in the NFL with two teams. He was a joke in Boston and was fired after just one season with the Jets. He will also not have the same "resources" he has at Southern Cal to out recruit all other teams in the NFL. So it wouldn't be a good hire for the Niners. It would be splashy hire but not a great one. He could turn out to be a good coach in the NFL but he certainly doesn't have the NFL track record to prove it. And it looks like I am not the only Niner fan who is thinking the same way.

At this point I don't see Pom Pom leaving Southern Cal. He has a great thing going and if the Bush case settles, NCAA will most likely chicken out from investigating that whole mess. They are a weak bunch. They will instead focus on the expendable (and irrelevant Trojan basketball program to make their point. Looks like Wilner sees the same scenario unfolding from a possible settlement in the Bush case:

Part of the settlement, no doubt, will be a gag order — meaning it’s highly unlikely the NCAA will ever undertake a full-scale investigation, meaning it’s highly unlikely any punishment will ever be administered.

* However, several contacts said they expect the Trojans to get hit by the NCAA on the basketball front in regards to the O.J. Mayo allegations.

On the other hand, Pom Pom has such a ginoromous ego, I can see a scenario where he runs off to San Francisco to reestablish a franchise which now after decades of mismanagement finds itself in the gutter of the NFL. He is not going to have to face the same pressure coaches like Seifert and Mariucci did following the retirement of Bill Walsh. So it might not be as demanding a job as it used to be. He could be in a win-win situation, looking to haul in boatload of cash.

Should be interesting how it plays out. My gut tells me he will stick around now that it appears that Bush case is headed towards a settlement, allowing Pom Pom to have a carte blanche to run that program his way.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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