USC Law Fools

We all know that USC doesn't mind fudging numbers for their athletes, apparently they feel that their law students need the same...ahem..."help."

I know a lot of people on BN are either in law school or are lawyers. I came across this story on a legal blog and it is so mind boggling that it is laughable. Apparently not content to have their law students be entirely dependent on alumni job handouts, the administration there have decided that it is easier just to increase everyone's GPA by 0.1. I know that might not seem like a lot to non-law people, but it can make a huge difference to elite law firms who have strict GPA cutoffs.

At least the USC Gould School of Law is being relatively honest. According to the administration, USC students do not get grades on par with students at peer institutions. This hurts USC students in the job market. The most simple way to fix this discrepancy is to just give everybody at USC Law an extra boost to their GPA.

You think it can't possibly be that simple? Here is the grade reform proposal that USC faculty and student representatives will be voting on, on December 11th:

Proposed Revision:

Under the current grading curve, the average grade in each first-year course is set at 3.2. Under the Dean's proposal, the average grade in each first-year course would be set at 3.3 rather than at 3.2. The effect of this change would be to raise each first-year grade by .1. For example, a student who would have earned a grade of 3.2 in Torts under the current grading curve would instead earn a grade of 3.3. Similarly, a student whose year-end GPA under the current grading curve would be a 3.2 would instead have a year-end GPA of 3.3.


The laughable thing is USC is trying to have their cake and eat it too. They claim that their students are hurt by having "tougher" GPA requirements and that this will make things fairer for their students. The problem with this logic is that law firm hiring committees are already aware of different law schools' standards. Thus, this will only further make a joke of a law degree and GPA of USC.

Boy am I glad to be a Bruin.



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