"UW coach Romar surprised by attention given Morris' play"

Bumped. Also UCngLA has compiled a list of all the email addresses you may want to send a message to re this incident. GO BRUINS. -N

From the Seattle Times:

SEATTLE — Washington coach Lorenzo Romar is surprised by all the attention being given to Tim Morris' pass off Alfred Aboya's face in the closing seconds of Washington upset of UCLA.

Romar said Tuesday that it is unfortunate the play is getting as much negative press as it is and has overshadowed the Huskies win over the Bruins.

Everybody should see this picture; as mbx's frame-by-frame analysis clearly shows, Romar is either a moral chasm and/or legally retarded:

Click on the image to enlarge. -N

Since legally retarded people are generally not head coaches, only option 1 remains. This is a great picture by mbx, and it should be sent to McCabe, Howland, and Romar, and the press.

It is clear that the ENTIRE throwing motion begins and ends while Aboya's feet are on the floor. Therefore, we have to wonder how a Pac-10 official (McCabe) can say with a straight face, "[...] he jumps to the right and the ball hits him in the face. [...]"

And just for completeness' sake, I would just like to add that nobody--not McCabe, not Romar, not anybody on the UW team--would ever do that to someone as scary looking as Aboya in any place without 50 cameras and thousands of eyewitnesses.

Update Since this diary's conception, the contents of the Seattle article have significantly changed. The above quotes, including the title, are from the original article. The following is from the changed article.

"I am surprised,'' said UW coach Lorenzo Romar. "One national columnist went as far as to say that Morris should have his scholarship revoked, and legendary UCLA coach John Wooden told the Los Angeles Times that he would have immediately benched Morris."

The outpouring of opinion caused Romar to take a few minutes of out of usual meeting with the media Tuesday to defend Morris for a second straight day, and Morris to explain what happened on the play in detail for the first time.

Morris said he simply was trying to bail his team out of a bad situation as he was attempting to inbounds the ball in front of the UCLA bench with the five-second count nearing. The Huskies led by five at the time.

"It was honestly just a reaction,'' said the 6-foot-4 senior. "We ran a play where guys are curling off and none of them were open and (UCLA) coach (Ben) Howland was in the way so I couldn't throw deep and I just reacted. He (Aboya) was so close I just kind of turned. I didn't mean to (hit him in the face). I didn't want to turn the ball over. He was so close. He's a big guy (6-9, 245) so I couldn't throw it off his knee and if I threw it at his torso he would have caught it. So it was just a reaction.''

As Morris noted, Howland was standing near Morris with his arms upraised, apparently trying to implore his players to raise their arms.

"He was definitely in the way,'' Morris said. "That's why I couldn't hit (teammate) Quincy (Pondexter) because he was definitely open.''

As Tydides says in the comments section, that whining completely invalidates his one apology to Aboya.

What Romar needs to understand, is that it is under pressure that one's true character comes out. Nobody is a dirty player when their team is up by 30, or when they're 2 years old.

Let's keep up the pressure!

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