UW Fans: A Different Point of View

It was refreshing to see the links to other sites (NC State, etc.) acknowledging that UW's Morris inbound pass off of AA2's face was, in their opinion, a cheap shot. However, some posters to Bob Condotta's Seattle Times' blog don't seem to think so. There are a truly astounding set of comments by some of the UW faithful:

Posted by UCLA...GROSS:

10:18 PM, Feb 12, 2008

man i didnt know UCLA fans were such pussies, Aboya already said he doesnt care and it is part of the game! a perfectly LEGAL play, i pat Tim on the back for a hell of a heads up play and believe wooden and the rest of you babies to get your head out of your ass and quit crying me a river!

Posted by are you serious???:
5:06 PM, Feb 12, 2008

This has rapidly become one of the most ridiculous stories I've ever seen! Did he punch the guy? No. Did he kick him on the ground? No. Did he pull out a gun and shoot him? (You'd think so based upon the response!) But, no. He couldn't imbound the ball. He was going to get a 5 second violation. The defender was not giving him ANY space at all. The UCLA bench was right on top of him. There was a ton of pressure and he had literally seconds to make a decision. His decision -- do a play we've seen over and over and over. But in his case, it hit the guy in the face rather than the back, leg, shoulder, or somewhere else. Big friggin' deal! I am absolutely in shock that this was even mentioned the next day in the paper. But to find out that the dipsticks on PTI are making an issue out of it on national TV?! Enough already. We've got Clemens going in front of Congress, the Patriots legacy on the line for Spygate, but THIS is a national level story? My gosh. Enough is enough. Move on to something worth covering -- say Reggie Bush taking hundreds of thousands of dollars as a college player! (whoops! can't cover that story... that's USC we're talking about.)

and my favorite Posted by Ed Schrob:

11:02 PM, Feb 12, 2008

Listen, Mark, we loved the win. The incident in question was merely and exclamation point on the 10 point drubbing. It's comical how UCLA can't cope with this loss. You best get it together because the rest of the Pac-10 is coming after you.

Somone ought to tell that gort that the PAC-10 has, for the most part, had it's chance and have been found wanting when UCLA comes calling.

I posted a comment and the link to that great frame-by-frame on this site inviting them to see for themselves (pictures don't lie). Perhaps some of you might wander up there and provide the cool-aid drinkers with a little perspective on tha matter as well.

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