News & Notes From The Passion Bucket

Looks like CRN might be closing in on another coach. He is a Hauck, but not the one we have heard of before:

Montana secondary coach Tim Hauck, the younger brother of Grizzlies head coach Bobby, is close to being named UCLA's new secondary coach, according to sources.
Tim Hauck spent the last four seasons coaching in the secondary at Montana, and like most of UCLA's staff under coach Rick Neuheisel, has extensive NFL ties. He played for six teams during a 13-year NFL career.
Hauck, an all-American safety at Montana who was known for delivering bit hits, spent his first three seasons as Montana's safeties coach. Yet another assistant coach on the staff with serious NFL experience. It'd be interesting to see the data on combined NFL experience on the UCLA staff and compare it with staff in other major Pac-10 schools. Any one up for that task?

Dohn also has some interesting notes on how hard Craft worked to get into UCLA this spring: "It was 18 (units) of academic classes, and they also count football as classes,'' Craft said. "They count football as classes, so it is one unit for lifting, one unit for practice, one unit for meetings. I was pretty focused. If I wasn't on campus at school, I would be with my dad watching film or at practice. If I wasn't there, I would be at home because it was so late.''

Craft, who began his career at San Diego State, said he wasn't surprised to learn he would be able to enroll at UCLA in time for spring practice.
"I figured it would happen because I took 21 units last semester just so I could get my A.A. and go to a four-year school,'' Craft said. "I'm really not that surprised because somebody told me earlier that was the case, so going into that semester I figured that was the role." Well if Craft brings that kind of commitment to practice, it's going to make the competition this April for the starting spot that much interesting.

Also speaking of QBs, keep an eye on where CRN's eldest son - Jack - will end up going to school. According to LA Times CRN was checking out Loyola. Jack I hear could turn out to be a solid prospect. So it will be interesting to see where he ends up.


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