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Bumped. Another good post that prompted great discussion. Putting this up on the home page, making sure no one misses it. I will take the liberty to add an image for a little visual. Personally I LOVE THE ROSE BOWL. But I understand the concern re. seating issues. GO BRUINS. -N

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We have an exciting coaching staff; a group of motivated players, and a suspenseful upcoming football season. Now, can we do something about that wretched Rose Bowl?  I can hear the gasp now. It's scenic. It's historical.  But so is the Roman Colosseum and I wouldn't buy a season ticket there.

Let me state the solution even before I explain the problem. I see no reason on God's green earth why the Rose Bowl needs to seat more than 65,000 people -  70 tops.   If one-third of the existing seats were removed the stadium seating plan could be reconfigured. The present level of creature comforts  is  comparable to flying coach on a discount airline.

With diverse sources of revenue (e.g. TV) does each individual seat have to generate income? This is not 1925. The Rose Bowl is only filled to capacity perhaps one day per year, and most of the time that added capacity has been more of a benefit  for our SC friends.

I have paid my dues at the Rose Bowl. After getting out of school, I regularly attended games at the Coliseum. When the team came to the Rose Bowl, I followed. I remember the hard benches with no seat backs and the equatorial heat I shared (along with good times) with every "Man, woman and child" in the alumni section. But I finally and reluctantly gave up my season tickets about 1997. Let me tell you why.

THE STADIUM IS SIMPLY NOT SET UP TO SEAT AVERAGE HUMAN BEINGS. It's like going into a Kindergarten class and sitting in one of their little chairs. I am not a large person either in girth or height. Yet, when I sat in my assigned seat, my knees and shins scraped against the metal seatback railing on the row in front of me (and also the backs of those people if I were not careful). I tend to feel sorry for the many spectators taller than me, although that empathy faded when one of them sat next to me, splayed his legs out 60 degrees and pushed his elbows and shoulders into my ribs. I would end up with half a seat. It wasn't necessarily rudeness; the guy simply had nowhere to go.

If I sat with my elbows pinned to my side, like a mummy in a sarcophagus, the lateral restrictions were tolerable. However, the real problem was with FRONT TO BACK space. If someone entered my row and wished to pass, I would stand up, lean slightly backwards and still often have an embarrassingly intimate encounter with them. Simultaneously, that person would be brushing the hats off the people in the next row as he transited. It is almost impossible not to step on people's feet (or get stepped on) even putting your feet in a Chaplinesque position.

Finally, since each row of seats is fastened to an 18 inch wide terrace, there is virtually no room under the seats. When people on each side of me would bring in their baggage from home, I would find myself walled-in in an Edgar Allen Poe fashion. Fellow Bruins were almost always courteous in allowing passage, but had no room to move their possessions, even temporarily. Having to clamber out of my seat and over someone's binoculars, thermos, backpack and sandwiches from home made going out for a hot dog or hitting the restroom too much of a hassle.

I now watch the games at home on TV with my feet propped up, a beer in my hand, and unfettered access to a restroom.

I am not suggesting we abandon the Arroyo Seco. I don't need skyboxes, a luxury restaurant on the premises, or a stadium dome. I just want my damn seat. If it takes a rocket scientist to plan the reconfiguration, JPL is nearby.

Those of you who may be attending games there for the next 50 years might want to raise your voices.

Who cries for me Pasadena?  The truth is I've already left you.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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