Full Pads Today: "Who's King Of The Jungle?"

Anyone wondering how the football team looks like these days under CRN?

That was from the official site. Please note that the practice has been moved from 11 am to 1 pm due to recruiting related events. If you are wonder what kind of event, here are the details from Perelman on Junior Day II:

Oh and today's practice is in full pads which led CRN to say this:

UCLA will practice in full pads tommorrow for the first time this spring. Start time has been moved from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. because of some of the recruiting stuff going on.

``We'll be in full pads tommorrow and see who's king of the jungle,'' Rick Neuheisel said. ``The competition board is up, and we'll be using it after tommorrow's practice.'' Apparently the practice yesterday (Day 2) took on a whole different tempo: Rick Neuheisel wasn't kidding when he said the tempo would be a lot faster today than it was on Day 1 of spring practice. There was an immediate quickening of the pace today. Guys were running in between drills, the energy was up, and afterwards, quite a few guys told me they were pretty tired.[...]

-Aleksey Lanis was still a little limited in drills with some lingering soreness in his knee.

--Kevin Craft seems to be making an impact in his first few days.

--And, here's the big one, UCLA worked special teams for about 15 minutes and looked really sharp. On one play in particular, Courtney Viney downed a punt inside the 5 yard line. Practice literally stopped while the coaches praised him.

``That's the kind of play that wins games,'' Neuheisel yelled out. Can you sense the excitement from these posts? I sure can. BTW line on Craft sure is interesting.

Meanwhile on the defensive side lot of folks are chomping at the idea of Harwell and Price and anchoring the DL. Chris Foster in the LA Times has this on the Bruin senior who is move over to nose tackle taking over for Kevin Brown: "I had a feeling when Bear was graduating that I would be moved," said Harwell, a 6-foot-2, 290-pound senior. "It's a big move. You get more double teams and the guards are on you a lot faster."

Harwell was granted a fifth year last month, as he missed most of the season after injuring his left knee against Brigham Young in the Bruins' second game. Once his eligibility was assured, he began by studying tape of USC nose tackle Sedrick Ellis to prepare for the switch.

Brian Price, a talented freshman in 2007, established himself while replacing Harwell, which allowed defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker to make the move.

"I always felt he should have been there all along," Walker said. "Brigham has the strength and the leverage and he has experience. He's our strongest defensive lineman. He'll be able to handle those double teams. He's smart. He knows how to play."

Harwell is just relieved to get one more chance.

"When I got the fifth year, I was the happiest person in the world," Harwell said. "I'm not taking anything for granted. Some players don't get this second chance. I remember that at every practice and every time I'm in the weight room." Also Foster notes include mention of Chase Moline who is making a return from neck injury adding more depth to our DL. Coaches are high on Chase's ability to make plays.

Thanks again to everyone who has been sharing their notes. Please keep them coming along with some pics!


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