Flashback-- October 17, 2006: "Burned by Bush, Southern Cal should be wary of Mayo"

Way back in October, 2006, presumably while OJ Mayo was finalizing arrangements with the BDA agency, Gregg Doyel at CBS Sportsline penned the above entitled article stating a fact that was obvious to everyone involved in the college basketball scene: OJ Mayo and his "mentor" Rodeny Guillory were poison.

Remember, this was written almost 2 years ago:

Still stinging from 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush's collegiate dealings with agents and marketing reps, Southern California can expect more NCAA scrutiny if star basketball recruit O.J. Mayo becomes a Trojan in 2007.

Mayo, who is expected to sign with USC in the spring if not during the early signing period next month, is being mentored by a Los Angeles-area promoter whom the NCAA labeled as an agent's representative in 2000. That was the year Mayo's new mentor, Rodney Guillory, helped get two college basketball players -- including one from USC -- suspended for several games.

Guillory told CBS SportsLine.com his relationship with Mayo is blameless. The relationship has, however, helped put money in Guillory's pocket, with the potential for a much larger profit down the road.

Guillory wants to become Mayo's marketing rep. Sound familiar? It was another marketing rep -- Mike Ornstein -- whose relationship with Bush triggered an NCAA investigation into USC.

Though the USC football team faces the possibility of having to vacate its 2004 national championship, pending the results of the NCAA's investigation, the USC basketball team faces the possibility of adding a player sure to draw the NCAA's attention. And people at USC don't want to talk about it.

USC athletic director Mike Garrett didn't return numerous calls and e-mails for this story. But Garrett did get the message to the USC coaching staff -- and eventually to Guillory himself -- that CBS SportsLine.com was investigating Mayo's relationship with Guillory.

How do I know? Guillory told me. Guillory also told me that he doesn't work for an agent, and that he has done nothing to compromise Mayo's eligibility.


Given Guillory's history, USC -- or whichever school signs Mayo -- will want to worry just a little bit.


Before Mayo signs, USC would be wise to look hard -- very hard -- at the Guillory connection. Looking the other way may have helped put USC knee-deep in the Ornstein-Bush mess; sources say Ornstein found his way onto the sideline for USC football games as a guest of Dana and David Pump, Adidas kingpins who once used Ornstein as an auctioneer for their annual fundraiser.

Connect the dots. One way or another, Ornstein met Bush and ultimately became his marketing rep. Bush signed with Adidas. The NCAA is looking into what illegal benefits, if any, Bush received from Ornstein while still at USC.

Now Mayo -- the Trojans' top basketball recruit since Paul Westphal -- is being advised by Guillory. And Guillory not only was once labeled by the NCAA as an agent's representative, but helped get a former USC player (Trepagnier) suspended.

Irony doesn't begin to describe this situation.

Read the whole article here. It's quite entertaining given what we now know.

Now USC athletic director Mike Garrett and head basketball coach Tim Floyd claim to have had no idea as to what was happening with OJ Mayo, Guillory, and BDA . If the OJ/Guillory/BDA arrangement was common knowledge in the MSM two years ago, Southern Cal's claim of plausible deniability is laughable on its face.

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