My Email To The Times's TrOJan Blogger Running "What's Bruin" re The List (update II: success!)

Hello BN.

I decided to pick up on bluestreet's idea of emailing Adam Rose - the TrOJan alum - who is running The Times' "What's Bruin" blog. Here is the email that I just sent to him which you can freely copy and paste and send it to him (at as well:

Dear Adam,

In the following link please find some detailed information re. the cross-town rival of "UCLA Bruins" that Bruins would find very useful and would be appropriate for a blog entitled "What's Bruin""

Please let me know if you will be able to post the information. And if you cannot post the information please let me know why you cannot share information concerning UCLA's cross-town rival on "What's Bruin."

Truly yours,


I am waiting for his response.

As soon as I get I will post it here.

I think it would be cool if we all email him and demand that he links that list int he LAT's "What's Bruin" blog.

You can post his responses in this thread.

This is a win-win.

We either expose him again as Trojie lapdog or he post's Menelaus's list in the LA Times.


Updated with Adam Rose's response

Adam Rose responded back to my email. I will break it down for you all.

Adam said:

I read Bruins Nation regularly and it's an excellent blog. This particular post appears to be a comprehensive compilation of allegations against USC over the past few years. I cannot simply repost things due to copyright laws, though I frequently link to BN and may do so with this post. I tend to run a feature called "hot links" on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and this may be appropriate as something that would be amusing to Bruins.

I asked Adam if that means he will post a link to the list today. Haven’t gotten a response.

Then Adam claimed that he has been fair in covering the TrOJan mess:

It looks like I've mentioned all but one of the incidents that have happened since I started writing All Things Trojan on that particular blog. In fact, the BN post actually links to All Things Trojan as a reference. The one I haven't mentioned is Radovich not getting drafted because of alleged behavioral problems. As a point of fact, I am unaware of any behavioral problems. Nobody at the LA Times seems to know about it, and the Daily News beat writer outright refuted it. I would speculate that as a low draft pick, somebody made a mistake in his NFL draft evals. I didn't feel it was right to bring it up and cause any more unfounded embarrassment.

What he didn’t say that he mentioned those stories but he always wrote them from the prism of a TrOJie shill. Exhibit A: check out this comedic post on Mayo being an angel .

Adam ended with this:

When we proposed merging USC and UCLA coverage, the reaction was universally negative. Bruin fans made it clear they don't want to hear about Trojans. When I mentioned Mayo's scandal on What's Bruin, I again got feedback that Bruins didn't want to hear about it. As we add more writers to the blog, perhaps we will add a regular feature called SChadenfruede -- but for now I'll keep that to the hot links. The priorities for my own posts on What's Bruin are things like UCLA basketball/football and interviews with water polo coach Adam Krikorian and women's hoops coach Nikki Caldwell. 

That’s a lot of BS. What Adam is failing to mention that his readers didn’t want to hear about him making excuses for not writing on “What’s Bruin” because he was too busy spinning for SuC on “All Things TrOJan". I am sure his readers (the few that he has left) will appreciate a link to Menelaus’s list without any kind of gratuitous dig towards BN.

Keep an eye on his blog - "What's Bruin " - today to see if he posts the link to the List in his Friday's "Hotlinks".


Update II

Adam Rose posted the link on What's Bruin today.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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