Graduation 2008

Bumped. The comment section is turning into an epic thread. Again consider this an open invitation for all the graduating seniors (or alums/current students) to use this thread to share your UCLA memories and about bleeding blue and gold. And also this is the kind of post the "recommend" button found at the bottom of every post was created for. As I said earlier - hear hear - to gbruin's congrats to all our graduates in BN. GO BRUINS. - N

Hear hear. GO BRUINS. - N (Class '96)

Will the Class of 2008 please stand!!

On behalf of the alumni here in Bruins Nation, let me congratulate the UCLA Class of 2008.  This is an amazing honor and you deserve to be very proud of your accomplishment.

Maybe it is my approach to geezerdom (Class '91), but I am excited at the number of current students we have here in BN.  Reading through the interesting thread regarding the labor dispute and commencement speakers, I noted that several names I see here regularly (incl. Tydides, jjreicher, deepdish) appear to be graduating seniors.  To you and your classmates, congratulations!  It would be cool for all of our BN seniors to post his or her degree and major in here - sort of our own BN grad ceremony.

On a personal note, I understand the disappointment some of you feel at not having a noted figure like Bill Clinton speak at graduation.  But let me add this personal note...I have no idea who my grad speaker was (some bio prof who talked about bird research).  I do, however, remember everything about walking into the Tennis Center with some of my best friends in life.  I remember a wonderful party afterward with my friends and our families.  And I especially remember standing at the top of Janss' Steps in my robe, looking back at the dorms where things started, and turning to look into Royce Quad (the most beautiful setting at any college, anywhere) and knowing that I was a UCLA graduate and feeling more hope and anticipation and joy than I had ever known.  That's what grad day still means to me, and 'll bet the other alumns around here can share similar feelings.

That degree has since opened a lot of doors for me in the medical world, and judging by the company here in Bruins Nation, it will do so in the world of law, business, art, education, public service, engineering, and any other field you can imagine.

So, to our Class of 2008, congratulations on all your efforts. As one of the alumni, it is an honor to have you join us.  Enjoy your day, be proud of what you have accomplished, and look forward to an amazing future.  You guys rule!



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