[UPDATED] One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

According to this story in the current, online edition of the Los Angeles Times, UCLA may have added a lineman .. and may have lost one, too:

Donovan Edwards, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound tackle from Diablo Valley Community College, committed to UCLA and will be eligible to play this fall. Edwards, who will attend summer school to try to qualify for admission to UCLA, will have four years to play three seasons.

The Bruins though may be without tackle Sean Sheller, who suffered knee and ankle injuries in an all-terrain vehicle accident. The extent of his injuries was still being determined, according to a UCLA official. Sheller is listed as the Bruins' starting right tackle on the depth chart heading into fall camp.

I have to say, while I'm loathe to criticize a kid, if Sheller seriously hurt himself riding around on an ATV a month or so before training camp, he's pretty ... I dunno ... well ... fill in your own adjective.

Man, we're already thin on the offensive line and Sheller was penciled in as a starter and one of the guys we are/were really counting on. Let's hope that it isn't as serious as the story makes it sound.

UPDATE (A): Check this link from the Daily News.

One entry notes:

I'm hearing that Diablo Valley CC offensive lineman Donovan Edwards didn't get the grades in order to attend UCLA, therefore there was a scholarship available for Kevin Prince.

For what its' worth, a premium post on another site says that all Edwards needs to do is take a few more classes at his JC and he'll be fine to enroll for camp in August. That would be welcome news.

UPDATE II (N): Update from DN re. Edwards:

He doesn't have the grades to get into UCLA, and if the season started today he wouldn't be playing. He did commit to UCLA, but he has work to do this summer academically if he's elibigle to play.

And Sheller:

UCLA offensive tackle Sean Sheller, who hurt himself in an off-road accident while riding an ATV on Friday, is being treated for an open wound on the inside of his left ankle.
He also injured his left knee and will undergo an MRI to determine the severity of that injury. No timeframe was given for the MRI, only that it will be done in the near future.
His status for the football season will be determined following the MRI.

Fingers crossed re. Sheller. Hope the injury is not as bad it sounded in few other reports.


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