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Jason over at What’s Bruin, Dawg recently picked up on some interesting discussion on California Golden Blog concerning (some?) Cal fans’ amusing hatred for all things UCLA:

This burning hatred is kinda' funny, for a number of reasons. I especially like any response that professes hatred for a school with "Well, I visited that school in 2005, and let me tell you, the fans in the stands were so rude, I just couldn't take it." These stories are hilarious for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that if I applied this logic to every visit I have ever taken to every stadium in the country, I probably would hate everyone.

To be perfectly honest, even in their supposed 'greatest hour', I rarely think about Cal football. I'm not sure why this is. Should I be thinking about Cal football? I don't innately hate San Francisco, either. A hatred for the Southland is apparently some ritual requirement of our friends to the north. In the comments section of said posting, someone mentioned they hated everything from Los Angeles - the Lakers, Hollywood, possibly even the carpool lane.

This person was from Buffalo. Seriously, if you're from Buffalo, you don't have any right to be doggin' on another city. It's like being from Detroit and complaining about Milwaukee. Just stop.

At any rate, my overall point is that I can use any number of real-life examples to either show that Cal fans are amazingly nice or total morons. It's a two-way street, folks.

Nice Cal Fans: 2005 Rose Bowl; A really inebriated UCLA fan (small Asian girl, must have been no older then 16 or 17) is stumbling up to her seat by us in Section 2. She proceeds to fall down on one knee, and I kid you not, just totally upchuck right there all over a very nice Cal husband and wife who must have been in their 50s. The husband laughs, the wife laughs, and they just kinda' signal the usher, point, and go "That's a football game for you." They were easily the two nicest people I've ever met in a stadium in my entire life. They didn't yell, didn't scream, nothing. Just smiled and moved on.

Idiot Cal Fan: USC v. UCLA @ LA Colisuem, 2007; First, there's a Cal fan at the UCLA/USC game. Which was odd enough. He was sitting one row behind us way in the corner (you know, near the peristyle section that USC doles out as a pittance to the visiting fans). Anyways, we're sitting throughout the entire game, listening to the Cal fan talk about how awesome his team is (keep in mind, by this point, Cal was 6-5 and had lost to UCLA earlier in the year). Several people told him to shutup. I had struck up a conversation with the gentleman next to me about the coaching staff - we both were none too pleased, as in typical UCLA fashion, we had begun to waste our timeouts with about 11 minutes to go. In the first quarter. Christian Taylor's parents and family are sitting about three or four seats to the left of us, and down one row. Following yet another timeout, there's an audible groan, and the Cal fan stands up, and screams, "Fire the black coach!"

At this point, the gentleman next to me turns around, glares at the Cal fan, and tells him to shut the hell up. It's now the moron Cal fan realizes that the guy in front of him WAS black, and so were his two children (probably around 12 or 13). The Cal fan proceeds to go "Man, I didn't mean that, I didn't mean that..." and the whole time, the guy next to me is telling him to just shut the hell up.

The Cal fan ultimately has to leave to prevent pretty much everyone in the section from kicking his ass. It wasn't a kid being drunk, it wasn't someone being loud and obnoxious, it was just a total idiot. He had no excuse. And seriously, I hope someone did light him up later that night. He had this heinous mop of red hair and must have weighed around 125 lbs - I think my grandmother could have taken him. 

Don’t forget the incident from November of 2006 when few hooligans in the Cal student section beat up another Cal student just because he had UCLA color shirt on. Ranelar posted the violent atmosphere in the Cal student section following the UCLA-Cal here on BN.

BUT as Jason rightly pointed out in the conclusion of his post on WBD that it would be ridiculous to make generalizations on an entire fanbase (except for Trojans fans since we have grown up and lived around them most of our lives and have enough data points their attitude towards their scandal plagued major revenue programs) base on this anecdotes. But it is still amusing to me to see Cal fans get so bent up over UCLA football.

I don’t have any bad feelings towards them whatsoever. In fact I have nothing but great respect for Jeff Tedford. I believe he is a great coach for the Bears and I hope they can hang on to him. I also think Montgomery was a good get for the Bears. He will hopefully upgrade their basketball progam, which indirectly will benefit our conference and bring even more national attention to our own basketball program.

I am sure there are few UCLA alums/students/fans who don’t care much for Cal. From my pov they have never really been on my radar. My first UCLA-Cal game was a heartbreaking last second loss. IIRC it was a Bear team QBed by Mike Pawlawski  who beat Tommy Maddox led Bruins by a game winning FG by Doug Brien. I can remember coming out of the Rose Bowl and getting in our car only to find out the Dodgers had choked away the pennant against Will Clark’s Giants (October 91). It wasn’t a fun Saturday. But I remember being stunned by seeing the Cal students get worked up over beating UCLA, and wearing “special t shirts” which I thought were reserved for rivalry games such UCLA-Southern Cal or Cal-Stanford.

I never got into So Cal – No Cal rivalry considering all my room-mates during college were from the Bay Area. Yes, we gave each other hard time over Lakers-Warriors or Dodgers-Giants but it was nothing like the venom I had seen in the Cal-UCLA games from Cal section (in my days) or some what we see via youtube now.

As far the guys at California Golden Blogs are concerned they are good bloggers and we have noted their intellectual honesty before. They have few crazy commenters. The ones that are complaining about being banned from BN are the usual trolls who have gotten kicked out of here for being disruptive, disrespectful, and trying to engage in flame wars, similar to the offline examples presented by Jason and ranelar above. We will never tolerate that and frankly don’t have the time to deal with that. But if Cal fans want to engage in discussion on BN they should take their cue from someone like raganork on how to engage respectfully as a guest in another community.

Anyway, I never thought much about Cal athletics over the years and most likely will not start now. As I have said before I have wished those CGFB guys up north publicly and via email that I hope they get their basketball program back on track and can hold on to Jeff Tedford. A strong Cal program will mean UCLA-Cal game in the national spotlight just like another high profile SEC or Big-10 match ups we see on ESPN. That bodes well for the conference and college football in the West Coast.

We will get back to the Bears during game week this coming season.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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