New Quarterback for UCLA In 08: Olson Out For 8 Weeks

Looks like Neuheisel and Chow have some new (and dramatic) information to work with.

Hot off Dohn's blog:

UCLA quarterback Ben Olson will miss at least eight weeks after breaking the fifth metatarsal in his right foot during a non-contact drill Saturday.

It is the same injury Olson (Thousand Oaks) suffered in the spring.

Just terrible news and you have to feel for Olson and his family. Best of luck to him.

Now this becomes a huge opportunity for Craft, Forcier, Prince or any one of other QBs who can step up.Tracy Pierson from Bruin Report Online posted some comments from Neuheisel following morning's practice which included the following takes on his QBs (free article while  I was writing this post):

On Kevin Craft and Chris Forcier:

"I thought that they played really well today. Both gave up an interception in these two-minute drills, which is great by our defense because they were kind of both off of tip balls. We’re going to have to win the turnover game if we’re going to be a successful football team, so that was excellent to see the defense play like that. But I thought both those kids did a nice job. And Osaar Rasshan is coming along. With the prospect of Ben maybe not being available, you can see some heightened intensity by all these young kids. At the quarterback position, everybody’s understanding that. ‘Holy cow, this could really happen where I can be in there.’ When that happens, it’s amazing how the light turns on and people start really focusing. I watched Pete Carroll last night on television talking about all their quarterbacks getting their chance because their guy is dinged a little bit, and exactly the same thing is happening here. It shouldn’t take that to happen but it’s amazing what that does."

On mobility of quarterback:

"Well, you’d love the guy to be able to make plays with his legs. And the truth of the matter is all of the other guys (can make plays). Ben would have probably been fifth or sixth of the six guys in terms of ability in getting out of the way of people. Ben had all the experience and certainly is a gifted player, but these kids can all move. The key is not to move before you have to and not to get jittery and all that stuff. So, we’ll just have to wait and see whose got the most presence if it comes to that. We’ll have to see how Ben is."

I have to say I am intrigued about the idea of Forcier. Obviously you have to take this with a grain of salt since I have not seen either QBs play. But I have always loved mobile QBs. UCLA hasn't had a QB with wheels since number 18 left Westwood. Moore could have been one but he wasn't patient enough. Now Craft is older and has JUCO experience. But the idea of a mobile QB in Chris Forcier is very interesting to me.

Would love to hear impressions from observers who have been at practice in recent days.


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