UCLA - Arizona: Pregame Guesses Volume 3

It's that time again ... here are the Pregame Guesses for the UCLA-Arizona game.

(For those who don't remember how we play -- check this link.)

If you haven't joined in yet, there is plenty of time. No one is yet running away with the competition. (BYU results are here; Tennessee results are here, after Arizona, I'll do a three game total to see where everyone stands.).

This week we've got Arizona. I don't know what it is, but there's something about their head coach, Mike Stoops, that makes me want to ask at least one question involving penalty yards. I don't know if Arizona commits a lot of penalties or not, but the guy is always stomping around the sideline frothing at the mouth -- he's like a walking unsportsmanlike conduct. (When you consider the fact that Arizona basketball coach Lute Olson's greatest skill is working the refs, it almost guarantees a penalty question.)


Photo Source: The Wizard of Odds

I'm also tempted to do an over under on the number of times FOX analyst Petros Papadakis references his own playing career during the telecast, but that would force me to listen with the sound on, but at the moment, my plan is to watch the game with the sound down on the TV, while Metallica's Death Magnetic plays on continuous loop at near-maximum volume in the background. (If you want to hear a great on-air battle between Petros and Joe McDonnell -- go here, it's pretty funny. This is after Petros called Joe out for saying that Patrick Cowan's injury was a good thing. Joe's show is becoming more like the Raiders all the time -- a once great franchise that has seriously lost its way ... and aren't you glad I didn't say Bruins?)

Anyways, here are your pregame guesses for Arizona:

Total number of Penalty Yards (both teams combined), within 10. (Ex. If the total is 150, then anything between 140 and 160 is correct -- and that's inclusive).

Number of touchdown passes for Kevin Craft

Total tackles for Reggie Carter

As always, just put your answers in the subject line of your comment. LIke this:

100, 2, 10

It just makes it easier to add up the scores.

Thread closes at 11:30 am PST Saturday.

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