Dohn Trashes Dorrell, Dorrell's Recruits, Two Years Too Late

Dohn provided some specific answers to the talent related questions on our roster this weekend.

He responded how UCLA doesn't have talent to put together competitive practices:

Let me start by saying I hate USC and am a huge bruin fan. I've heard and read that SC practices are 100% hard hitting and very competitive (the games are easy for them)..i think that reflects well on how they perform in games. Do you think UCLA is to worried about injuries to practice like SC or is it just that our starters are secure in there jobs?
I think it is neither. I think USC has much better players, and that allows them to practice harder and faster. Job security isn't the issue. Talent is the issue.

Do you think our practices are not as competitive compared to other top programs?
I don't know first-hand because I don't go to watch other program's practice, but folks (like scouts and coaches) that go to other practices say UCLA lacks the overall talent to have highly competitive practices.

On how UCLA doesn't have Pac-10 level talent in its roster:

In terms of just numbers , UCLA Football has 85 scholarship players on it's roster . Of those 85 players how many in your opinion, do not belong on a Pac-10 roster?
On a Pac-10 roster? At least 15 players. At a school that wants to be a top player in the conference, at least 30.

On how previous coaching staff couldn't evaluate talent:

Has UCLA ever considered dropping the program? It just seems like the adminstration won't give the staff the tools to go out and recruit the players it needs to compete in the Mountain West, much less the Pac-10?
The staff has the tools to compete in the Mountain West, but had a coaching staff for too many of the last five years that could not evaluate talent, so wound up with a team that can't beat the best teams of the Mountain West.

On who cratered this program during last five years:

Wasn't Toledo really the one who "cratered" the program? 4-7 in 99, 6-6 in 2000, horrible collapse down the stretch in 2001 (incl 27 zip), and then got PUNKED by CU, sc and WSU in 2002. Dorrell just couldn't dig out from under the wreckage.
Toledo did not leave the program in very good shape, but the overall talent level was superior to what it is now. Dorrell didn't just fail to dig out from under the wreckage, he piled more on.

While it is good to see Dohn being honest with his readers, the question is what took him so long to reach those conclusions?

The damage has already been done and it will take years for CRN and his coaches to rebuild the program from its total destruction during this decade decade.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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