At U$C, Resisting Arrest is All Good

A little over a week ago, there was some discussion here (also see here and here) on BN regarding the Shareece Wright situation at U$C, in particular, the minor matter of Wright resisting arrest.

While most resisting arrest charges are filed as a misdemeanor violation of Penal Code Section 148(a)(1), it appears Wright was charged with felony resisting arrest, in violation of Penal Code Section 69.

Well, WWL is reporting that Wright suffered a vertebrae hairline fracture and will be out a "number of weeks."  What's particular interesting is that the quotes from the ol' Humanitarian give some insight as to why, despite being charged with a felony, Wright wasn't suspended for a single play.

It appears Koach Karl I was right on the money afterall; according to WWL:

Trojan coaches have been raving about Wright's ability for weeks, suggesting he might emerge as the best corner USC has had in the Carroll era.

Hmm, important player getting in trouble while the Humanitarian does nothing.  Why does this feel like deja vu?

The Humanitarian claims Wright wasn't suspended because it was a perfect "teaching moment" for Wright.  You sure there isn't another reason there Pete?

The injury hinders the Trojans' depth. USC's four-man rotation at corner likely becomes a three-man platoon with Kevin Thomas becoming the first guy off the bench. Blue-chip freshman T.J. Bryant will be available, but the coaches would prefer not to burn his redshirt season if they don't have to.

Hmm, makes one wonder. "Teachable moment" or necessary measure to mask depth problems at corner and not burn a freshman's redshirt season?

Well, don't worry fellow law-abiding Bruins.  The Humanitarian has, despite his usual practice, taken action:

Carroll has said Wright was being disciplined internally for that situation.

And by "disciplined internally" he means sleeping with one of U$C's rather, umm, physically-lacking Song Girls.  Because, seriously, that's about as much punishment as anyone can expect from the Humanitarian.

Despite this, the short-sighted supporters of U$C can't seem to wrap their brains around this:

More puzzling is the fact that he was detained, interviewed and the released only to have the D.A. come back and charge him with resisting. I mean come on you had him detained, you interviewed him and then you released him. If truly resisted why was he not arrested at the time of detention? These guys can't be serious. What new information did they obtain after the fact that made them decide to charge him?

Well, I'm sure the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office will make sure they run all of their charging decisions by you first whenever it involves a U$C player.  I suppose the entire concept of arrest and cite is lost on the folks across town.  I mean, one would think they'd understand given the fact so many of their fellow trOJans find themselves on the police blotter and criminal court docket.

But, rather than trust prosecutors who are sworn to uphold the law, they're going to rely on the word of an accused criminal (Wright) and his defense attorney:

Carlos J. Juarez, Wright's attorney, said would start interviewing eye witnesses and expected the charges to be dropped before the Oct. 29 hearing.

Well, if a defense attorney said it, it must be true!  Because a defense attorney would never mislead the media to gain a perceived tacital advantage.

Although they have nothing to go by but the self-serving statements by Wright's attorneys, trOJans have already begun to serve up the spin

Now, Wright isn't necessarily squeaky clean here as he has two failure to appear on his record for two traffic violations and while one has nothing to do with the other the perception is one of a player who doesn't respect the legal process.

The "perception" of a player who doesn't respect the legal process?  Umm, where I come from, two FTAs don't create the "perception" of someone who doesn't respect the legal process, it is pretty convincing evidence of someone who thinks they can break the law and then blow off court.

To me, just like his fellow trOJans, that pattern of behavior by Wright indicates a complete disregard for the law and our system of justice.

The best part of all of this, though, is that trOJans are placing their blind faith in the Humanitarian to do whatever is "appropriate":

I trust Pete Carroll and Mike Garrett will handle it as they see fit.

Does "as they see fit" mean do absolutely nothing and look the other way as they do with the long, well-known, laundry list of criminal conduct by U$C players?

Or maybe if they tell themselves that OJ didn't do it, that the Humanitarian isn't running a dirty program, that OJ2 didn't take any improper benefits, that Bu$h didn't get any pay-off, and that Wright is innocent, they'll actually believe it's all true.

Delusion is something of a particular favorite over there at the University of Second Choice.

Finally, changing gears from trOJan delusion to amusing quotes, I found this to be of particular amusement:

In addition to Wright having great quickness, Carroll has gushed about Wright's toughness and his knack for making plays.

Apparently, Wright thinks he's tough enough to take on police officers with guns, batons, and tasers.  But, as we now know, he wasn't fast enough to elude the police and apparently U$C playmaking ability doesn't translate into skating on criminal charges.

Wasn't he paying attention when the Humanitarian brought favorite U$C alum OJ1 to practice?  Or has even "slashing the competition" become a Senora Ross course?

U$C: win at all costs. Even if that involves fighting with police officers, sexually assaulting young women, or committing double murder.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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