BYU fans talk of upcoming UCLA game

I decided to check what BYU Cougar football fans think about the upcoming game with UCLA and what better place to find out is the Salt Lake City’s Deseret News. There the BYU fans can air their comments. Besides defending the officiating by PAC-10 referees in the Washington game with one side of their mouth while complaining about them in general out of the other, most BYU fans are feeling quite randy about their chances against UCLA.

Coming out of a very close game with a controversial call going their way, BYU Fan thinks that BYU was the far superior team to Washington,

You people are pathetic. You’re right maybe BYU’s defense didn’t play all that well, but look at the stats. BYU doubled almost everything Washington did. So maybe it was a bad call, but either way BYU was by far the better team. They had some stupid mistakes like a fumble in the endzone and a interception when they were driving. They will get those mistakes fixed, and the defense will make adjustments. They are gonna be just fine. And although they are in a lot of close games, they are pretty good at pulling out a win. I am not worried at all. Cougars rock! Rip UCLA apart!

Shawn thinks the call didn’t matter and a BYU win was inevitable as is a victory over UCLA,

The penalty does not matter. BYU outplayed Washington and the kick would have been blocked at any angle because the defense was on top of the kicker. ALL THESE PREDICTIONS ABOUT UCLA BEATING BYU ARE SILLY. Let’s just wait and see.

Finding the officiating in the Washington game to have been biased against BYU, Danno thinks that things will improve because,

UCLA will not have a PAC10 crew officiating the BYU game next week. BYU 3-0. Go Cougars.

There’s still time for change finds encouragement by beating Washington on the road and goes on:

You’ve got to give it up to BYU, they had never beaten Washington on the road! Yes, they’re defense looked ugly, esp on the last drive, but BYU gave up a couple touchdowns that could have changed the game. BYU’s offense was potent. UCLA is not going to stop BYU’s offense.

and CTMac counts his chickens before they hatch,

What are all the BYU haters going to say after BYU beats UCLA. There is ALWAYS an excuse for them. BYU didn’t play like they hoped, but a win is a win. I have no idea why Utha fans want BYU to be going into the BYU / Utah game any less than undefeated, becasue I think most BYU fans want Utah to be undefeated before the matchup. What better way to represent the MWC to have 2 BCS bowl contenders before the rivalry!

Besides Anonymous finds our Quarterback is lacking,

Also, when you play against a quarterback like Washington has, It is tough. You always have to be watching for his run. Against UCLA, it won’t be as difficult, because UCLA doesn’t have the Quarterback that Washington does. Good job BYU.

As does Next Week,

Bronco makes all the right adjustments to stop UCLA’s third string QB who doesn’t have half the talent of Locker…BYU keeps living right and wins again!

Lastly, Bob in line and Anonymous find the talent of BYU is too difficult to overcome for a overrated PAC-10 school,

We could also see Washington as a great run-up to UCLA. Same PAC10 speed, strength and athelticism. Our guys should be adjusted now.
Defense will figure it out by next week at home for sure. We have the talent and just need to begin to jell together. BYU will beat UCLA.

So, I suppose we have no hope dealing with the flat-out talent of BYU. Furthermore, the officiating crew will not be against BYU this time. BYU have too much talent to deal with on their quest to beat every BCS team they face.

However, I like our chances

<Nestor: Sorry I didn't do this earlier but I have a nasty ADR project due tomorrow. The good news is that I passed the MPRE by a bunch of points. Feels good even though the test is easy.>

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