Interesting New Names In CRN's Search For DC

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

It's been pretty quiet few days on the football front as we haven't heard a lot of names popping up for our new DC. Yet that doesn't mean nothing has been going on. Dohn reports today that CRN has been busy talking to few candidates which includes a former Bruin legend and Brian Stewart, the recent DC for Dallas Cowboys:

Five-time NFL Pro Bowl selection and former UCLA All-American Carnell Lake interviewed with coach Rick Neuheisel for a place on the Bruins staff and was deciding whether to accept an offer, according to sources.

Neuheisel also spoke with former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Brian Stewart and Montana coach Bobby Hauck about UCLA's vacant defensive coordinator spot.

Bruins linebacker coach Chuck Bullough remains the leading candidate for the defensive coordinator position, sources said, and has spoke to Neuheisel several times about it.

Lake played linebacker for the Bruins under Bob Field, an associate athletic director at UCLA. Lake was at UCLA when Neuheisel was a graduate assistant in 1986, and a full-time assistant in 1988. It is unclear whether Lake would coach the secondary or the linebackers.

Lake has been in private business since retiring from the NFL after the 2001 season. A defensive back, he spent 12 years in the NFL, mostly with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stewart was fired by the Cowboys on Friday. He also coached in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers and Houston Texans, and coached in college at Missouri, San Jose State and Syracuse. He was a defensive back at Northern Arizona and Santa Monica City College.

Hauck completed his sixth season at Montana, where he took the Grizzlies to the Football Championship Subdivision title game before losing to Richmond. He coached with Neuheisel at Colorado and Washington.


If you want to find more about Stewart check out UCLABRU1's timely fanpost from yesterday. The idea of Lake joining the staff is very interesting. I am assuming CRN is talking to him about an assistant position not necessarily for DC since he doesn't have enough coaching experience.

The article also notes that Tim Hauck, who is our current secondary coach could head to St. Louis to join the staff of the new Ram's coach as well. Speaking of NFL, if I were a Bruin football fan, I'd be rooting for the Ravens season to end today so that CRN can start talking to some of their coaches in the defensive staff.

BTW for all those BNers who dread the idea of Greg Robinson coming back to Westwood as our DC, apparently he is talking to Michigan about RR's DC in Ann Arbor.

So keep an eye on the newswire. Sounds like CRN is quietly conducting a deliberate search considering all options. I like it.


UPDATE (N): Now that the Ravens are out, it will be interesting to see if more names emerge in the coming days. Again keep an eye on the newswire and press reports coming out of the Mid Atlantic. GO BRUINS.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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