Another USC Limo violation?

USC picked up Boyd in a limousine during his visit and put him and other recruits up in the downtown L.A. Marriott.


Sound familiar?

Having already told USC he was not interested in taking an official visit, USC assistant Ken Norton Jr. - a former UCLA player - called Price last month and tried to get him to check out the campus on an official visit. After some joking on the phone, Norton asked if Price would prefer to be picked up in a Mercedes-Benz or a Chevy Tahoe, and Price said he jokingly told Norton he preferred the Tahoe, but then declined the trip altogether.

The following day, Price said, he was pulled out of his fourth-period art class by a guidance counselor who informed him a limousine was waiting in front of Crenshaw High for him. When he got to the front, the driver asked Price to get in and they were going to USC.

With school officials declining to release Price without parental permission, Frank Price came to the school. They called Norton, who instructed the two to hop in and come to the campus, despite Brian and Frank repeatedly telling USC coaches they were not interested in taking the trip.

"He didn't get it through his head, and I had to keep on telling him no," said Brian Price, who grew up a USC fan. "I wasn't falling for it. "That wouldn't look right for UCLA. I'm the face of UCLA football right now. I already know I would not be the face of the USC team. Me taking that trip would be giving UCLA a bad name."

After they sent the limo away, both said they have not been contacted by USC
since. USC coaches are not allowed to comment on Price, since he is still a recruitable athlete until he signs.

While it's being reported that the use of a limo in recruiting is a violation of NCAA rules, Carroll told the LA Times that the school uses Town Cars, not limos. Price's father is quoted as saying the car was much longer than a limo.

Pearson at PE blog

The NCAA is very clear about the use of limousines in recruiting student athletes:

13.5.2 Excessive Entertainment. A member institution may not arrange or permit excessive entertainment of a prospect on the campus or elsewhere (e.g., hiring a band for a dance specifically for the entertainment of the prospect, a chauffeured limousine, a helicopter). General Restrictions. A member institution may pay the prospective student-athlete's actual round-trip transportation costs for his or her official visit to its campus from any location, provided the prospective student-athlete returns to the original point of departure, or if return transportation is provided to the prospective student-athlete's home, educational institution or site of competition, the cost does not exceed round-trip expenses from the prospective student-athlete's original point of departure. Use of a limousine or helicopter for such transportation is prohibited. (Revised: 1/9/06, 5/26/06)

Now, I'm sure this is all a big understanding and that the limo was really a "Towncar. "

Cheat on Peter and Kenny.

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