Emailers To Simers Blast Petey/Kenny (Allege Trojies Of Shady Recruiting)

Well well well. Looky here.

T.J. Simers had served up his email address in his last column (calling out Petey/Kenny for being wimps) so that recruits or parents could email him substantiating Kenny's (what to date appears to be) baseless allegations again Rick Neuheisel.

Instead he got emails opening up the pandora's box of Petey's shady recruiting:

Unnamed High School Coach: "I can't comment on the accusations made by Norton. But I will say that having been a high school coach at some of the biggest schools in AZ I can tell you without a doubt USC does NOT recruit '100% pure' as the assumed satire in your article suggests.

"I was a coach at a high school in Phoenix and we had Zach Miller (currently with the Raiders). He was the No. 1 TE in the country at the time. Pete Carroll came to our practice to look at him. Huge news . . . anyway, it was clearly a non-contact period for coaches . . . he disappeared from practice and I remember all of us thinking, 'where did he go?' Anyway, I remember kind of giving him a wink and saying did he want to meet Zach and he made a big thing out of saying he couldn't at the time.

"As our practice concluded, players started to walk off toward the locker room . . . I was with the boys walking in. As I walked into the locker room who did I see? There was Pete in there glad handing players and pulling Zach into a corner to get in a few quick words.

"I could see that Pete eventually noticed me . . . he was just below a sprint out the door. How that guy got into our locker room ahead of a key to open the doors is beyond me . . . perhaps he coaxed a janitor into letting him get in or said he had to use the restroom, but I'll never forget that . . . you can mention the story but because I do have to deal with coaches I wouldn't want my full name used."

In addition, Morrell Presley's parents took Kenny to the woodshed for his BS:

Steve & Monika Hawkins: "[We] are the parents of Morrell Presley, the TE who switched schools. After reading an article in the Daily Breeze where [Norton] has used my son as one of his sources, my wife and I are truly upset. First . . . it is a violation to use a recruit's name, but he did so. What does that make him? Secondly, Morrell made a perfect statement: 'I am an offensive player, why would Norton going to UCLA matter to me?' Obviously Ken was called to the table by Carroll and this was the only acceptable way to show his commitment to the program.

"My son has never used Ken Norton as a deciding factor in his choice. He likes Ken but Ken is not the TE coach. I have on multiple occasions told Ken that Rick and [Norm] Chow have never used negativity in their recruitment of Morrell. Matter of fact they give SC complete respect for what they have done. But [SC is] convinced Rick is doing something."

FOR THE RECORD: Norton never used Presley's name in the Daily Breeze story. The story reads: "Norton confirmed the allegation that UCLA was using his name to sway recruits. Sources said there were multiple instances this happened, and that [Presley] was one of those cases."

Simers did hear from one "recruit" wrt to Kenny's BS:

The only response so far has come from Paul Molina, a 45-year-old fat guy with two bad knees who said he was being recruited by Neuheisel to play linebacker under the watchful eye of Norton.


Like I said sucks to be Kenny and in this case Petey is looking just as stupid as his braindead LB coach. Not to mention he looked like a complete fool flailing away with that character card against UCLA.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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