2009 FB Recruiting: Stretch Run

Bumped. Great discussion starting post by BlueReign re. stretch run. Would love to get feedback on this from others who are closely following recruiting as well. GO BRUINS. - N

Our staff is looking at roughly a month till Signing Day on February 4th.  The class thus far is looking solid and could possibly round out into a very good class with a few additions.  With the assistance of varying sources out in the www, I thought a snapshot with some predictions would be interesting.

Verbal Commits (18)

  • QB: Brehaut 
  • -Don't take too much from the UA game.  He needs development but has the skill set to be a good one.
  • WR: Marvay & Toma
  • -Marvay reminds me of TA in that he is shifty.  Toma has been called "Welker".  Solid additions.
  • TE: Presley
  • -Already on campus but needs to bulk up.  Oozes potential.
  • OL: Hasiak, Capella, Taylor & Johnson
  • -Priority #1, gotta keep Hasiak.  Good mix of HS talent and JC infusion.
  • DL: Warner & Graham
  • -Both big gets.  Warner is critical IMO.  Our future depth at the DT position is not looking good.  Need another DT or 2 in this class IMO.  Graham is on the lighter side but has the frame to get bigger.  Good upside and has that speed we've been lacking off the edge.
  • LB: Golper & Bowens
  • -Solid gets.  Bowens I think can be a real good one. 
  • DB: Mascarenes, Price and Sermons
  • -Turned a Sermon away from the Dark Side.  Much needed depth at the CB positions and they have the ability to be flexed to safety if needed.
  • ATH: Allmond, Hillard & Williams
  • -Hilliard is listed as a RB but I think he ends up in the secondary as other sources have noted.  Allmond is a FB but there is talk about him moving to the DL.  Williams is a OL but some talk of him playing DT.  I hope he can because bodies are needed.

My Predictions:

  1. Kennard (DE): No shot.  Unless he is 1 of the silent commits?  Wishful thinking on my part.  I think he goes to suc like Everson Griffin. 
  2. Te'o (LB): Had some hope with the Punahou connections but  this is a BYU and suc battle IMO.  The pull from the Mormon faith will be too much at the end.  I hope I'm wrong and he joins Toma/Hilliard and alumnus, Norm Chow.
  3. Su'a-Filo (OL): We had a better shot with Martinez IMO.  We could have had a better shot if Martinez verballed to us but now....think he ends up at BYU ultimately.  There was talk of wanting to play with Martinez but with suc already having a lot of OL in the class and LSU being so far away, logic says local school wins out.
  4. Phillip (OL): We were supposedly leading but now it's a toss up.  Really hope we get this kid and I think ultimately CRN & NC will seal the deal. 
  5. Abele (OL): We lead and I think he is a silent commit.  Has a good frame and potential.  Some talk of him being a DT which Utah is recruiting him for.  Utah coming on strong but UCLA bound IMO.
  6. Carroll (WR): As previoulsy noted, we have a shot but CAL (childhood fav) bound IMO. 
  7. Flourney (WR):  I know N doesn’t agree but I think he comes to Westwood.  Whether we like it or not, UCLA has been seen as soft.  Local recruits have always viewed suc as the place to go for top notch football.  In addition, UCLA didn’t have the "street cred" because we didn’t recruit the City Section hard.  Times have changed and continue to.  We had a huge contingent of City guys last year and I’m sure Knox & D. Carter are using their influence to lure Flourney.  
  8. Wheaton (WR/DB): Has Oregon written all over him.  Cousin Kenny (no not that Kenny) played for the Ducks.  
  9. Sanders (TE/DE): Think he is one of the silent commits.  Gotta help that Dye picked the U at the UA game.  UCLA bound IMO.
  10. Tepa (DE): Hawaii verbal but he may be one of the silent commits.  CRN has been recruiting him pretty damn hard and we really need some help on the DE position.  Tepa realizes the potential for early PT and the job CRN is doing and is UCLA bound.  
  11. Van Noy (LB): Has made it well known that it is BYU.  Coming for a visit but highly unlikely he comes to UCLA.
  12. Maka (LB): Zona verbal but his parents want him to go to UCLA.  Parents ALWAYS win out. 
  13. White (S): If qualified, UCLA bound.  
  14. Tonga (S): Sticking with Hawaii
  15. McKay (S): UCLA is his dream school but has concerns about depth.  It’ll be White or McKay.  One or the other IMO.  
  16. Pollard (CB):  Unfortunately, I see him sticking with ND.  If DW was still here, then we had a decent shot in swaying him back.  
  17. Eguae (DT): Don’t know anything about him.  Undersized for a DT but I doubt that he comes to Westwood.  Big 12 bound somewhere. 
  18. Hubbard (OL): Elsewhere.  I think he is standing in line behind the other O linemen.  

I’m not sure if my figures are accurate but we will have 66 guys on scholarship next year.  That leaves us with 19 rides.  Only 25 per class unless you mix in some early enrollments (Presley, Brehaut & Taylor thus far) and Gray Shirts.  Seeing that we already have 18 verbals, how the math works I have no clue as CRN is actively recruiting these kids.  Dohn mentioned that there would be no attrition but we’ll see how this plays out.   Juco’s Williams, Johnson and Warner may not qualify.  Warner is a MUST get IMO or the DT position will be dire should Price leave early to the NFL.  Need the scour the area for some DT’s but it may not materialize in this recruiting class (NOTE: George Uko of Chino is said to like UCLA a lot but he is a 2010 recruit).  There are other kids waiting on offers from UCLA but it’ll likely be determined based on what happens with the remainder of the class.

I’m optimistic that the staff can keep the current verbals (especially Hasiak) together and supplement this solid class with some additional names.  Hopefully my predictions on the bigger names are off and we see a few surprises come signing day.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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