Frustration: Staying Level Headed After Second Heart Wrenching Loss

Rebumped. While we are all frustrated after two tough losses, no need to get carried away with ridiculous arguments based on unreasonable expectations. GO BRUINS.


(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

I don't think I have ever been so frustrated coming out of the Rose Bowl. Today, the Bruins delayed the inevitable, but kept on challenging their limits, but showed weakness, but showed strengths, but, but, but...

The Bruins outplayed a much more talented team around 50 minutes today. Shocker right? They drove on the ducks, they stopped the ducks, they even "outkicked" the Ducks. But in those 10 minutes, UCLA proved to the world that they aren't ready to win consistently. I've heard a lot of negative words flying around this site, but everyone just needs to keep a level head, and maybe even shake themselves. More after the jump.

Let's get on top of things first. When I came out of the Rose Bowl, here is what I heard through ear, and on BN

  1. Chow is overrated
  2. Our offensive line is abysmal
  3. Brehaut is just flat out dominant compared to Craft
  4. Our defense is horrible

I will respect your opinion, but I'll try to play the counter argument right here:

1. Alright this is a "hands-on" description. First I want you to read this next sentence, then come back after you read it. SHAKE YOURSELF. Ok, now I want you to step back from your internet browser of choice, and actually do it. I'm serious, it feels good too. Let's ask some questions if you are indeed right. Alright, who isn't overrated then? Who has as many results? Who do you trust with a below average offense, without enough prospects at key positions to truly shake a stick at? And who would come to UCLA instead of a head coaching job? Name all four, and I will, on Bruins Nation, eat big, juicy crow. Just name it.

Now, let's analyze the goal line situation. Well first, the Iso run can't really be challenged. Then, the outside run can't be challenged either. After that, UCLA hurries up to the line, and shoves it up the middle while in the double wing unsuccessfully. It doesn't make sense to dispute it while you are on the 1 inch line. Then UCLA calls a time out, to use another QB Sneak with some good motion in the backfield. It wasn't successful, and probably ended up costing the Bruins the game, but look at the risk/gain ratio! I guess you could argue for a rollout/PA, but then again, if the Sneak worked, you wouldn't complain, and if the roll out didn't work, you would complain for a sneak. It's the difference between a goat and a horse. It wasn't play-calling as much as it was just good defense. 

While Brehaut was at the helm, UCLA had a 1st and 10 at Oregon's 15 yard line. Incomplete, incomplete, bobbled..INT. All three of those plays were designed to either go to the end-zone, or get another set of downs. Stop it guys, come one, what do you really believe he thinks? That he is going to infiltrate UCLA to plant internal bombs to help his good friend Pete? I seriously doubt that.

2. Of any unit today on offense, you shouldn't blame the line. This Oregon defensive line might be slightly overrated, but they are great none-the-less. This offensive line only gave up a seemingly excessive amount of sacks because Brehaut just isn't ready to start yet, but more on that later. These guys held their own, even taking it to them on some run plays.

3. Alright, here's that juicy nugget. Richard Brehaut vs. Kevin Prince now? Have the coaches been wrong for a good 6 months about who their starter would be? Nope. Not a bit. This is the point where I think everyone here is going to click back, but if you want to get my opinion press on my friends. Everyone has said that Brehaut is the greatest thing to ever smack UCLA in the head since Drew Olson was reborn. I'm sorry, but that's just plain old not true! I mean, you look at what he did today, and now look at what would have happened with Prince in there. I mean sure, you could say that Brehaut's mechanics are better, but do the likes of Taylor Potts and Tim Tebow have amazing mechanics? Nope. Mechanics can only impress scouts in between levels, which is why Tebow is receiving doubts for Pro ball, and why Texas Tech's QB's are not known for NFL legacies. Now lets look at his Pocket Presence... just about none? I don't think he is even aware, to a proper degree, of a pass rush. Unlike Prince, Brehaut would do his steps, then just stand there... waiting? I think? Then this happened:


(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Ouchbang. That was a bad way to start a college career. Now on to the play-calling differences. Not that it was supposed to open up, but there was never really a jolt, or boost, in my opinion in bringing in a 2nd/3rd string QB. They didn't change anything up from Prince-Brehaut. Again, I'll eat Crow if you can prove me wrong. Show me a play that wasn't put in with Prince in there, but WAS put in while Brehaut was in, and I'll eat crow. Just show me.

4. Let's just look at some stats, minus a few plays/drives set up by offensive turnovers:

(Drives via Turnovers:via downs/fumble/interception omitted)

Rushing yards: 147

Passing yards: 56

TDs: 0

What's that vs. their averages?

Rushing: 199 (vs. UCLA: 147)

Passing: 172 (vs. UCLA: 56)

PPG: 34.2 (vs. UCLA: 3)

Ya, you can't argue with that.

Just take away some bogus special-teams/offensive blunders, we won the game!

In conclusion now,

I really think everyone needs to stop drinking the True Blue Kool-Aid. Again, shake yourselves, and be happy, you're a Bruin! I can't wait to see how the two QB's battle it out. So, let's get back to basics, and prepare for the collapsing Bears! It's almost as if it is a novelty toy! Join us WEDNESDAY for our Podcast!


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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