1 Bruin Finished With "Patience"

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

I can't believe how my perception of the FB program has turned a 180 in a matter of 4 weeks.  There is no excuse for what has happened or has not happened with this team and program. 

I don't know if this is CRN or CNC's doing but our Offense is as vanilla as KD was as a HC.  The conservative/limit mistakes offense was appropriate in a hostile environment with a RS FR QB but it's as if we've been playing in Knoxville every week thereafter. They keep on talking about stretching the field vertically but I'm not seeing this done on a consistent basis.  Perfect example was the KP pick 6.  Yes, KP should not have stared down the receiver and not thrown the ball but IMO, the coaches did not help the situation.  All game long, we've been running short routes without threatening the field vertically.  Everyone on that play was running a hitch.  That CB was just waiting to pounce on that route.  Oregon was starting a 3rd string CB yet we could not take advantage of this matchup?!? Just boggles my mind. 

The staff is not utilizing the talent on this team appropriately, specifically the WR position.  At this point, I cannot tell if Austin and Embree are just not that good or if their lack of production is a product of the playcalling.  Either way, Rosario/Pressley/Carroll need more opportunities.  These guys have advantages physically and can pose matchup problems.  People have mentioned if we have a Fade Route in our playbook.  Wouldn't it have been nice to see us use Rosario and Pressley down in the Red Zone instead of trying 2 QB sneaks in a row?  Why assist the opposition by not utilizing their size but instead turn them into 5-10 WR's?

Example: In the Ole Miss/Bama game, Bama came out in an empty back field.  Single WR to the right and bunch formation to the left (4 WR in a diamond formation).  They threw a quick pass to the receiver in the back for 7 yds. Later in the game, they use the same formation but its flipped.  The defense adjusts to this but this time, McElroy hits Julio Jones for about 25 yds as he was matched up man to man.  Now imagine Rosario/Pressley/Embree in the front of the formation with a guy like Thigpen or Austin in the back or let another WR beat his man 1 on 1.  If a defensive minded coach like Saban and his staff can come up with a play like that, I don't see why an offensive HC such as CRN and offensive guru like CNC cannot come up with something imaginative such as this.  Frustrating doesn't begin to describe my feelings. 

Our defense has been solid but there should be no talk about our defense being dominant.  Gerhart ran all over our defense last week and we failed to tackle James all game long.  That James run from the 1 yd line is a perfect example and flipped the field.  This defense has MAJOR tackling issue. They continue to fail to wrap up time and time again.  When we do tackle, the opponent always gets YAC yards or leans forward for another yard or two.  In our back seven, we lack guys that just come up and destroy the opponent.  We don't make hits like Telemeque (former LB Poly kid at Miami) who attacks the ballcarrier (See his upending of the GT RB) instead of breaking down and getting blown bye (See Sheldon Price).  

I'm not privy to what exactly Viney did but he needs to get back on the field over Price.  Price is not ready and really needs to get in the weight room.  He cannot shed blocks nor is he ready to come up to make sure tackles.  Viney may be undersized but he does tackle well for his size. 

Ganz needs to get his pink slip.  Our Special Teams was actually better under the old regime.  The staff needs to take a look at putting more physical guys on ST.  During that Kickoff return, you could clearly see Love being manhandled and not able to shed his block.  On a side note, Love for all his physical attributes plays a lot smaller and lacks the type of killer instinct one would think he'd have considering his size. 

Someone posted that CRN was telling the crowd to come out next week to support the team against Cal.  I'll be there but not because of CRN but because of my support for the kids.  Last year was understandable considering the transition from the prior regime and the turmoil (injuries) we went through.  I did not anticipate us going 10-2 or something ridiculous like that.  I do expect us to at least be 6-6 and get to a bowl game.  This goal is still attainable but major changes must be made.  

Asking for bowl eligibility is not asking too much in today's environment.  Fair or not, coaches need to win and win as soon as possible.  If Paul Johnson and Rich Rodriguez can instill a new/unorthodox offense without the parts and win, I don't see why CRN and staff can win with the ingredients on this roster.  If a Guz Malzahn can turn bring Auburn's offense into the new millenium, I don't see why CRN and staff can't.  Many have said that we could arguably have the best staff in the nation, well.....I'm still waiting and I'm pretty damn sure I'm not the only one.  

For this Bruin fan, the Honeymoon is over.  Players ultimately determine the outcome of the game but this staff has failed miserably in my eyes in putting our kids in positions to succeed thus far.  

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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