The Trojan Times UCLA Beat Writer Tries To Paint Bruin Fans As "Bandwagoners"

Chris Foster from the LA Trojan Times writes breathlessly:

The thud heard around the Internet late Saturday was caused by Bruins fans hopping off the bandwagon.

The online chatter was harsh, even if the website dwellers represented a small percentage of UCLA fans.

"We're trying to keep each other uplifted," said linebacker Reggie Carter, one of four team captains. "It'd be great if the fans stayed with us too. We're all one family. You don't run out on your family when things are going bad.

"Hopefully, they'll stay with us and understand we're fine. We're fighting. It's not like we're not trying. We want to win for ourselves as much as we want to win for them. They were with us when we were winning. We'll see how many stay loyal and stay with us now."

Let's make it something very clear to you Chris. The only major bandwagon hopping that has been happening around Los Angeles during last few years is the one by your pathetic, joke of a news paper riding Pom Pom's train. When one needs to describe what exactly entails in a bandwagon type sports coverage, he or she can just point to the college sports section of the LA Trojan Times for last few years which as documented here time and time again has gone out of its way to cover up for the Trojan scandals or take one cheat shots after another at UCLA.

Obviously Foster has no clue or sense about the zeitgeist of Bruin Nation, otherwise he wouldn't have made the idiotic comment about "website dwellers" representing a "small percentage of UCLA fans." As for the loyalty of UCLA fans, he conveiniently decided to leave out the attendance numbers at the Rose Bowl during this past decade and compare that to the numbers of other Pac-10 teams during their tough times, because it would have destroyed his arguments re. band wagons comment.

As for Carter's comment, no one is going to abandon the teams. Not the ones online here or other message boards or blogs. The reality is the people who come to Bruins Nation, BRO or other UCLA online communities are the hardest of hardcore passionate UCLA fans who have stuck with our Bruins through thick and thin. Sure people are going to offer criticisms when something is not going right, but that is exactly what we should expect from a passionate and knowledgeable fan base, instead of expecting them to follow along everything the coaches utter with blind lemmings. No one here or any other UCLA online communities will be giving up on Carter or UCLA football, even if that entails getting our collective hearts ripped out time after time as it has been done on a routine basis since December 5, 1998.

I guess what we read in the LA Times shouldn't be a surprise considering the kind of national joke it has become in recent years getting scooped time and time again by internet reporters who can also be called as "website dwellers" about the transgressions of its favorite college football program in the city.  Look at the mirror Chris, take a close look at your sorry sports section, and read closely a$$clown colleagues such as Splashme and Slimers before you attack UCLA fans for riding a "bandwagon."


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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