Bizarro World: Let's become SC Fans

I'm just sick of this, UCLA is terrible, let's just go and try to see what winning is like for a change. I mean, every time that UCLA gets something going, they say, "haha, stupid fans, believing in us". This fan base has taken a mental beating, we should be rewarded for our sufferings. But no, we haven't. It's just a terrible situation to be in; we love something so much, but can't stand it. I hate losing more than anyone.

But then again, isn't losing...kind of fun?

Before I get going, I'd like to say that I'm just throwing things up there, try to stick with me.

Fun in the sense that there is something to build upon. Every time that we lose, we accept it, generally, and move forward. Every time $C loses, they get upset and call up the AD there to fire Petey. EVERY TIME THEY LOSE! Every single time, the AD gets at least one call asking to fire Pete Carroll. At UCLA though, we don't care if we lose a few games right?

Last year, we didn't have to win every game. In fact, some people didn't care if we even WON a game last year. But this year, we got spoiled rotten. We got a big ol' jug of "True Blue Kool-Aid" (I'm copyrighting that, and selling it at the next home game by the way). We slither past SDSU, then we go to Neyland and get an injection of the most pure and deep Kool-Aid drug ever made. We got so high off of that game, that we didn't notice that the offense/defense would need help against a "below average" KSU defense/offense. 3-0. I didn't even know we were undefeated going into the Stanford Game.

All in all, we got spoiled. But the truth being, I'm almost happy, because I think we thinned out the true fan base... again.

I'll skip there, we all know what happened in the 2/3 subsequent weeks;

I collected 3 concerns for our team in those 5/6 weeks (They aren't "made of straw" Nes)

  1. The offense lacked a deep threat, whether it be at the QB spot, or the WR spot
  2. Discipline, either post or pre play, was questionable on both sides of the ball.
  3. Big plays haven't really killed us this year on defense, just long drives.

Against Cal, lla lleh ekorb esool. ("All hell broke loose" in Bizarro world)



(Artwork for the cover of Superman vol. 1, #202 (Dec 1967 - Jan 1968). Art by Curt Swan.)

1st, Kevin Prince emerged as a kind of a sort of a type of a deep threat (still shakey on that). But then some receivers started getting more aggressive on their "post"-route procedures, and actually turning to the endzone! We saw a more open playbook today, and I'm proud of the results.

2nd, I thought we did a good job of limiting the penalties this week, aside from some really bad ones late in the game, we didn't exactly "shoot" ourselves as much as "step" on ourselves.

3rd. Ya, 96 yard runs can basically sum it up. The only sustained drives were in the VERY beginning of the game, and at the VERY end of the half.

So what we saw today was the "Bizzaro" ALCU. I'll rest my case at that. ALCU will always be my favorite team on htrae

So after starting this post, I'm sorry that I side tracked, let's get back on track:

As I was saying, if you are a real fan right now, you are both frustrated, and excited. Now we've seen the best of both worlds. A great offense, and a great defense. It's just a matter of syncing them up. For those booing the decisions today, SHAKE YOURSELF, and to those boohooing about how bad Prince played today, SHAKE YOURSELF. It feels good, right?

-oG sniurB

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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