CRN's Lavinesque Quote

The worst development yesterday wasn't on the field but in the press conference after. There, CRN decided to channel the beloved Steve Lavin and say something so stupid to alienate the fanbase that it defies comprehension.

Nestor summed up what a lot of us, including myself, are feeling today already. However, the most dissapointing development for me from yesterday wasn't our defense looking great for 4 plays and then clueless for the 5th or our receivers dropping passes a division one football player should catch, it was this quote from CRN when reportedly asked about the bruin faithful in the LA Times. His first statement, which I have no problem with, is something that we have heard from him every week and is the standard coach speak:

"I understand their dissatisfaction, especially given the 3-0 start and that things were turning [around], and so on and so forth," Neuheisel said. "All I can tell them is that we're going to keep working at it.

Sadly, the next sentence is absolutely indefensible and disheartening:

"It's too long and too hard a story to give all the details, and frankly I don't think they'd understand all the details. We have to keep working at it, no excuses."

While I like the last sentence, the first one pisses me off to no end. Really CRN? I understand that we aren’t genius coaches like you and Chow, but please try and explain why your team is essentially the same today as it was in week 1. To me, the only conclusion from a statement like this is that 1) maybe the details are too difficult for CRN’s assistants (Defense and Special Teams) or players since; they don't seem to be fixing these details; and 2) CRN doesn’t know the reason why his team is stuck where it is. Since I am too dumb to understand, I sure hope CRN can come up with some answers in the next few weeks.

Just like you N, I fully support CRN and think that he can turn it around. But the reason I think a lot of us liked him was because he was so affable and you couldn’t get him to stop talking. If he is going to go down a path of "the fans are too dumb to understand what I’m doing," he will lose my support very quickly. I hope this is just an aberration said after a frustrating day.

Go Bruins.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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