Duck Fans Feeling Very Confident About Rolling Over/Blowing Out The Bruins

Just throwing some of these comments from the Duck Football blog run by Rob Mosely over at the Register-Guard. Rob himself is sticking with the Ducks despite all the injuries and is not all that impressed with the Bruins:

I watched some of the Bruins’ game against Stanford last week and wasn’t all that impressed. But they’re back at home tomorrow, and have back from injury a superior quarterback in Kevin Prince. And UCLA has a lot of talent on defense, no doubt about it.

But I’m sticking with Oregon, despite the injuries to Jeremiah Masoli, C.E. Kaiser, Willie Glasper, et al. Nate Costa is a strong backup with a solid grasp of the offense and good skills in the passing game. Assuming the line adjusts to Kaiser’s absence, the UO offense shouldn’t fall off too dramatically, and I figure the wide receivers will get their first touchdown catch of the season—give me Jeff Maehl in that sweepstakes.

The Oregon defense, meanwhile, has been playing inspired football all season, and I don’t expect that to change with the pressure on to support an offense that lacks its starting quarterback. The front seven remains intact, and if the secondary can help ease Anthony Gildon though his first significant playing time, the Ducks should be able to limit UCLA enough to win. Figure the Bruins get a couple of touchdowns through the air but not much on the ground. The UCLA offensive line is gelling, but it’s a young group, as are the running backs.

Prediction: Oregon 24, UCLA 20

As for his commenters here are four examples that I think are fairly representative of the comments in that thread and what I have read online this week. From Spike 89:

Ducks 35, UCLA 17 I think we grind one out, never really challenged, but never "comfortable" either until late. Holland breaks into the TD column for the WRs, but Dickson gets 2 TDs. James and Crenshaw each score on the ground.

From Curtis Interuptis:

I don’t see it as being as close as the pundits do.  I suspect it won’t be a super high scoring game, but I do see it as the Ducks either 28 or 35 to seven for UCLA.

Ducks4Life calling a shutout:

I have full faith in Costa and I’m stoked for the guy. Getting his first start after all the hard rehab work he is done, just wish I was there to hoot and holler for him. I’d bet you he has at least 200+ yards through the air! He’s going to spread the ball too, keeping UCLA defense on their toes and opening up the run game.

I sense a JJ type run for a touchdown coming from LJ this game… you know, one of those 80+ yarders we became so accustomed to last season.

In the end, I’m calling shutout! GO DEFENSE!!! 31-0 DUCKS!!! Gotta love it!

And one from SolarDuck:

Our "Rose Warriors" win, UCLA doesn’t have the speed to keep up. Nate will throw for 3 TD’s, 3 rushing TD’s by our shifty RB’s.
Our defense bottles up their rushing and knocks down their passing attempts..maybe scores a defensive TD.
Ducks     49
UCLA     6

Many more comments in that thread essentially echoing the same sentiment. Seems like they are expecting to cruise into their bye week.

Guess that's why they play the game.


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