This Feels Different... Sort of (An In-Depth Analysis of THE two Passes)

I am reluctant to post anything today or this week for that matter, but I guess... since things have been going lately, that this will be my final stab at getting anything across to you guys in any way shape or form, so here it goes;

Watching the final 10 minutes of this game has plastered a smile on my face, and I'll tell you why: we just broke the barrier.

The barrier between baseless, shallow, unexplainable losses, and positive, Dorrellian, feel good losses, with something to actually build on. For every loss that we have had to endure under Neuheisel, there were hardly any positives to magnify (I take that back, I believe the Oregon game last year had a load of positives). The only one, that I gathered at least, was that we now gained the ability to outwit and out-coach teams last year (hence, the wins over Stanford, Tennessee).

Yesterday, we broke the barrier. We stood toe to toe with the Beavers for 10 minutes, and were one dropped INT away from possibly sealing the victory.

Of course, if you know me, I don't want to look at the significance of this game, but rather the "kinetic physics" of how that last quarter actually came to fruition, which put me, and many others at ease about the direction we are heading.

Follow me at the jump!

I'm having problems working my video on mark ups, so this will be a little hands on


The first thing that I noticed about this play was the physical mismatch that Rosario presented for the Bruins. Also, note where Prince is looking. That streak was his second read, definitely off the Strong Safety's movement.

He is on the far side of the screen, so let it play to 0:06

That shot right there shows how massive Nelson is right there. He's got a good foot on the corner. Let the video play and admire the pass and grab. Oh I almost forgot, Nelson Rosario had a great game huh? Plenty of grabs... maybe he heard about our previous criticism; how the tide has changed (but it better stay that way).


Here are the 3 deep reads Prince will have to look off of to go deep on this play:



As opposed to the correct aggressive way to approach this situation, 4 players are stuck flat footed on the playaction (with beautiful blocking BTW) 



After the Playaction, these guys are stuck retreating inside of each others zones, or jerking (cough...popular culture reference, not innuendo) in the deep secondary.


Prince immediately makes a great read... even with the substantial pressure by seeing 3 Beavers turned around (the rule, if you see numbers, chuck it).




Ahh, that feels good. When's the last time you saw that?! Go ahead and watch that video with your feet up on your desk. It feels good huh?



For you technical guys, go ahead and watch the video again and watch the offensive line on the second play. The play action was seconded by a pulling guard, drawing in another backer, and the pass block shifted down one man... almost as if they were dominant... or something.

BUT WAIT. Those were only two plays! Ah! What happens the rest of the time?!

Well the easiest explanation there is that if those efforts can carry over to the next game, that deep threat is going to seriously open up the running gamePass first coaches like Chow are going to try to open up the run with the pass, leading to this. Damn that hurt my computer. Someone leave me a bad comment about that.

Anyways, the metaphor that I would like to use is this: hold a piece of lined paper at the middle hole. Now punch it. Do you think you are going to ever break it? No! Alright now get someone to hold both sides of the paper as if they were stretching it. It isn't too hard to break it now right? (I would like to mention that I cannot be held responsible by any cracked ribs/broken hands for messing up an easy experiment).

If that didn't make sense; A defense is like a piece of paper, to punch through it, you need to stretch it first.

The story this week is going to be about carrying that energy that we built up in those final 10 minutes offensively to a less talented defense. Should that happen, we are looking at a record breaking day in my opinion. Old Vintage Chow style. 

Some people here are sure on the bandwagon on all fours after those mere two plays (I'll leave the names out, but I'm pretty sure that you know who I'm talking about).

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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