How to Stop Locker and the Huskies: Pressure

Just a little something that I decided to put together. (Thanks goes to jtthirtyfour for the links to great site, just still a little buggy)... in the video analysis, I am sorry, but you're going to have to click on the link to get through to the videos. The embedding process seems to have eluded the sbnation html servers.


(September 11, 2009 - Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images North America)


So here we go, this week is really going to be like Halloween for us on many degrees. Trick or treat. That's what I would call it. The trick results in a treat through this logic: blitzing will make this offense shut down. The only problem is we have a defensive coordinator who is a little shy to blitz.

Video analysis after the jump.

Once again, please click on the links to see what I am talking about, I don't think you'll understand otherwise. (The embedding process is broken, and trust me, you having to wait for the site to load is a WAY shorter time period than me working around the HTML) 

Whether you like it or not, the only way to make sure Locker cannot get into comfortable situations, you need to put him in some kind of time frame. By no means do we have the defense that Oregon has, but the concepts are very simple and easy to execute.

You can see them here.

Blitzes, which have not appeared in Bullough's arsenal to a serious degree, are a very good way to make sure that he can't get his pass off. It shouldn't be hard with Brian Price in the middle. Do you wanna see who is playing against him? Watch this!


(Tear in eye) "That doesn't happen to linemen at the college level." HAHAHA

The real question here is whether or not Bullough will pull out the stops. Giving Locker too much time results in this:

Basically, the offense Sark runs relies upon the defense being exactly what we are not, aggressive. And that is why Mr. Bullough will need to shake himself this week to show some sort of new angle. I mean, the evidence is right here, please... do forward a link to him!

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