Dragovic Needs To Focus On Getting His Life Together ...

... and concentrate on getting it in order off the court before getting back on it.

The LAT report provided:

Though Howland declined to speculate on how long the suspension might last, the coach said he would take Dragovic's earlier problem into account.

I hope CBH will do that although I would like to see the precise quote. I also found the following quote from Howland in the DN troubling:

"We were aware of the incident, but never had any idea that there would be anything filed."

That indicates to me Dragovic might not have told Howland the complete story when he first informed him of the incident. Right now I am with Fox 71:

If he did what he is accused of doing (and I don’t know what it was, but it generated a felony charge and $30K bail) then he should be off the team. If he needs counseling and hand-holding and whatever else, he should get nothing more than any other student who did what he is accused of doing.

A kid can screw up whether he’s a basketball player or not. If he is a thug (and again, I have no idea about this), then he should be a thug elsewhere. I don’t want there to be any chance an outsider might not notice a difference in the character of the players on UCLA’s team versus that of a certain team on the other side of town.

If he didn’t do it, then what he needs to learn (as pointed out elsewhere) is to stay out of situations where he can be set up. It’s unlikely that whatever he is accused of doing would have occurred in Powell, for example. (Although I guess you can get tasered there.)

Classic Fox. In the same thread Bellerophon followed up:

I understand he’s due his day in court, that he’s entitled to the presumption of innocence, etc., but UCLA is not a court of law. His conduct, on and off the court reflects the university and he should be taking precautions to avoid being put into situations like this, even where he may not have done anything wrong. You never heard about this kind of stuff with AA, LRMAM, DC, JS, etc.

Truth be told, I’m getting tired of ND pulling this crap. This is twice in two years. Compared to the rest of our Ben Ball Warriors, who have been great students, citizens, and players, I’m having a very difficult time finding any redeeming value in a guy who refuses to play within the team’s system (by jacking up stupid shots and playing lazy defense), who keeps getting into trouble (whether justified or not), and who shows absolutely no senior leadership.

This arrest is embarassing to the university and the program. I don’t owe ND the presumption of innocence, and right now, with this second, more flagrant run-in with the law (a felony, for Christ’s sake), he has to prove to me he’s worthy of those four letters before I’ll accept him as a Bruin again.

A lot of you may not agree with that, but I’m nearly at the end of my rope with this guy.

Pretty much agree with that sentiment.

Of course he is innocent until proven guilty. That said I just don't appreciate a UCLA student athlete getting in trouble with the law for two consecutive seasons. That should never be acceptable in Westwood.

In some ways this reminds me of the Cory Paus situation from 2001 when reports about his DUI came out before the game against Southern Cal. Toledo had already done the right thing previously when he suspended Foster after the SUV story came out (which in retrospect pales in comparison from the sordid allegations of cheating across town). However, Toledo totally whiffed it when he decided to not suspend Paus and let him play against the Trojies.

I really hope Howland takes Dragovic's previous record of getting himself into situations which he shouldn't into account in weighing his future actions. Right now I think Dragovic needs to focus on his getting life priorities in order before getting back on the court and I don't think Howland will send the right message if he doesn't take Dragovic's previous record into account.

To date Dragovic hasn't shown much in terms of playing like a classic Ben Ball warrior on the court. More importantly he hasn't carried himself like one off it. Until he shows definitive commitment on his part of wanting to be a upstanding member of UCLA as a student of this univeristy, Coach Howland shouldn't be giving him the privilege to purse a career as an athlete.


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