66-19: Only 2 Numbers Our Players Should Be Thinking About This Saturday

Bumped. GO BRUINS. - N

If you don't know what those 2 numbers mean, allow me to paint you a picture of the last time I entered $UC's football penitentiary. The Bruins entered the U$C game in December 2005 ranked 11th in the country. We were (9-1)  and 6-1 in the Pac-10. Everything was pointing to a potentially close and exciting game in Los Angeles. A few friends of mine decided to tailgate at U$C before the game. And the excitement really began to build as our bbq'ing went under way. We noticed some toddlers carrying their teddy bears. It wasn't until we looked more closely that we noticed the long strings attached around the Teddy's bears necks. And soon after, the triad of children began to taunt UCLA football, as they dragged those bears across the ground, one of them approached us and said, "You shouldn't have come here".

And with that omen, I began to assess our time in South Central. I will say, that I'm not exactly sure what kind of parents, poison their children against teddy bears. But I will also say that I pitied them, because my favorite stuffed animal as a child was a bear, and I could only imagine them worshipping some sort of Trojan Horse. Perhaps one that was widdled out of wood and represented the complete cluster F#@% of a crippled empire...I digress. Regardless of what these horrible children were saying, we trusted our team to show up on game day, and deliver a fight.

And with that, we entered a penetentiary that could only be up to $UC's standards. The seats were terrible as I could only imagine being in that stadium. We were surrounded by angry, drunk and bitter Trojan Bandwagoning  fans. And as we were stuffed in to a corner of the stadium, for a brief moment I pondered an exit route...(just in case).


The game kicked off, and we were locked in to the moment. the UCLA fans started strong. After $UC's first drive ended in a field goal, a sense of security began to overwhelm me. And that is when the omen I had witnessed earlier began to rear its ugly head. "I shouldn't have come here" I thought, as $UC stuffed us at our 36 yard line,and we were forced to punt. Punt to survive seemed to be the tagline that day. The tagline of a Dorrelian coached team, that seemed soft, weak, and definitely didn't seem hungry for a win.

UCLA football showed up that day, but the players must have stayed on the busses, because the offense was stagnant, and our star Running Back MJD, had a mild presence (14 carries, 84 yards, 1 TD...Not bad). But it would be overshadowed by Bush's (260 yards, and 2 TD).  What would eventually leave the distaste in my mouth was a combination of watching our team self destruct, and watching first hand, the cheap, and dirty play calling by Pete the Cheat, Carrol. It was clear in my mind that $UC wanted to pour salt onto UCLA's wounds. And with that, the few times we were able to stop their offense that day, Cheaty refused to punt and kick off  the ball like an honest head coach. (For fear that MJD, would run it back for a TD and the UCLA football team would begin to gain momentum). If anyone else remembers this game, you can remember being frustrated in seeing a vanilla offense that ran up the middle EVERY FIRST DOWN. And kept our defense on the field way too long. Beyond that, I have forced myself to forget the rest of our offensive play that would eventually set up the following 3 years of Dorrel football.

That saturday became a blur of emotion, and disgust. But I will say, that in the 4th quarter, our Bruins began to fight. Unfortunately the combined 42 points that $UC scored in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, put us at a severe disadvantage.

And the rest is history...

 So why am I asking that the players think of 66-19 going in to this week's game in penetentiary hell? Well, leading up to that 2005 game, I recall a lot discussions about UCLA being competitive and a team on a winning-streak-to beat. Our players seemed confident, maybe a little cocky, before that game. And what I saw translate into that game was a complete train wreck that I could not take my eyes away from. My hope is that with our 3 game winning streak, our team views this as an opportunity to redeem a 5-game losing streak. To break out of a 3 game winning streak, and to just forget about being on a streak in general. because if there is anything we learned from success, its that pride come before the fall.  

UCLA needs to be hungry on saturday. To destroy any semblence of hope that $UC has for regaining momentum at the end of its disheartening season. I want to see our Bruins fight, scramble, and roll over U$C. That doesn't necessarily need to translate into a blow out victory. But I will not tolerate a team showing up on game day and leaving their desire to win behind. $UC will be coming out guns blazing, and our team needs to be ready to fight for every yard along those chains.

So 66-19 is in essence 2 numbers I want our players to be thinking about, when they come up against a team, that is going to want a "W" badly; to get the ringing in their ears, out, and the sour taste that was left from getting blown out by Oregon and Stanford behind.  I hope our bruins make it to the field this saturday night and go straight for Tommy the Trojan's Jugular.  No mercy.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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