Evolution of a BRUIN fan, part 2...

I'm going to piggyback on a previous post and try to make sense out of my anger over SUC.

I wasn't born in the United State. Somewhere in a small country I managed to catch episodes of The Cosby Show. I learned about UCLA when I saw Theo wearing a powder blue sweatshirt. All I knew was, hey, if you ever get there, you're pretty smart!

When I was 10, I finally started learning how to speak, read and write English in America. Moving forward, I worked hard throughout high school, knowing that I wasn't going to be good enough for UCLA. Little did I know, UCLA saw something in me...they gave me a chance. I struggled in college but continued to work hard. Graduated and here I am 10+ years later.

All my years at UCLA, you could say I was a proud bandwagon fan. I only hated SUC because they were our rivals. After I graduated, I was still a bandwagon fan. I never hated the SUCsters...seriously.

In comes Petey. Still I was a good sport. I congratulated my SUCster friends and relatives if they won. I told them it was a good game if we won. So now, how did I become such a true and hardcore SUC hater?

Well, after this last antic, and watching that clip over and over...I think I know how I evolved.

I am a kindergarten teacher. I constantly preach good sportsmanship. I preach playing fair. I preach if you plan to play that way, don't complain if you get hurt. I preach to be good winners. I preach to work hard because it will pay off one day. I preach what goes around comes around so don't burn your bridges...on and on and get the picture...

Well, as I stare at the sea of bandwagon SUC fan parents from my class year after year, who make it out of their way to humiliate me every chance they get because SUC won...not them, they just sat on their assess...but still they felt the need to tell me "they" won! So, I am seeing more and more that it's becoming pointless all the good virtues that us educators preach in the classroom. This nightmare that is the SUC football program is a nightmare to me. It is a giant middle finger to every good virtue that we preach onto our kids.

The longer this program goes on succeeding under a classless fake like Petey, the more it haunts me as a teacher who wants to create a better society one kid at a time by teaching good virtues.

SUC football is all that is wrong. Cheat your way to the's not cheating if  you don't get caught (or brushed off by the NCAA), you ain't trying if you're not cheating, you could be a jackass as long as you have talent...people will forgive you, being two faced is fine. In fact, if you are a winner, people will not only ignore all your faults, but highlight your humanitarian efforts. Petey has shown classless moves time and time again, but the media continues to line up to kiss his ass. When someone calls him out, Seth Davis and others, people ridicule them and say they're out of line. Much like me sounding the alarm that our kids are becoming more like little thugs...sportsmanship is out the window.

I've learned to be patient. I've learned that if you keep doing bad things, you'll get what's coming to you. Again, SUC stuck its giant finger in my face. How about building character? Well, character, as our Coach Wooden has taught us, is standing your ground and hold onto what you believe despite being the minority. If you look around, we have an endless number of bandwagon SUC fans rubbing it in. Lesson: Character is supporting whoever is winning, despite their classlessness, off the field legal antics (or illegal), on and on.

Being civil. CRN continues to do damage control and being civil about the whole ordeal. Own what you did and accept the consequences. On the other side, SUC has no need to be civil. "Hey we could flip a bitch, we'll do it!" In the meantime, the entire nation is jumping up and down chanting, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

Lastly, watching a punk like Barkley...who people continue to hail as a great frosh QB talent, listening to his idiot statement about being disrespected...the fire is lit!

The irony of it all, our brave BRUINS marching and crossing past their Mausoleum's midfield and challenging them gave me goosebumps. As much as I preach don't pick fights, at some point, kids need to learn that you can't back down. If someone's going to go out of their way to punk you, there's no backing down. As much as everyone criticized our players, I am proud of their stand and courage to step up.

Until Petey is gone, this rivalry is not about sportsmanship, it's not about a house divided, it's about character. At this point, I see no character in their football team or their classless fans.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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