Does LA predispose players to be 1-&-done's?

I did some quick research about one-and-done's since the NBA instituted the rule in 2006.  Here's a list of players drafted to the NBA after only one collegiate season:


  • Greg Oden - Ohio State
  • Kevin Durant - Texas
  • Mike Conley Jr. - Ohio State
  • Brandan Wright - North Carolina
  • Spencer Hawes - Washington
  • Thaddeus Young - Georgia Tech
  • Javaris Crittenton - Georgia Tech
  • Daequon Cook - Ohio State



Ohio State has recruited and lost 4 prospects with 3 coming all at once in 2007.  I don't put too much stock into this because the entire program was built on that Oden-Conley-Cook class and has reverted back to what OSU is supposed to be.  Georgia Tech is another school that rolled the dice with a couple one-&-done's and came up with snake eyes losing them both.  Memphis lost Rose and Evans in consecutive years.  UCLA lost Love and Holiday in consecutive years.  USC lost Mayo and DeRozan in conseecutive years too.  Looking at the colleges that have felt the departure of a one-&-done prospect, UCLA and North Carolina stand out as true powerhouses.  If you think we got shafted by JH's early departure, Brandan Wright is averaging 6.2 ppg for his short career.

It should also be noted that UCLA and USC are the only schools located in a major market.  The LA schools have lost 4 one-&-done's.  LA is the #2 media market in the nation, but it's also the best basketball city in the country.  We have two NBA franchises, and the Lakers are the glamour franchise of the NBA.  New York and Boston are baseball cities.  Chicago is a football city.  And no one does basketball like LA does basketball.  Are we at a disadvantage because of the big city glitz?  When NBA playoffs roll around and there's a palpable buzz in the city air, are LA athletes predisposed to believing that they are ready for the next level?  OJ Mayo expressly stated that going to USC was a business decision (in more nefarious ways than one). 

This doesn't necessarily apply to Kevin Love who was as good as gone the moment he signed his LOI.  I will always feel disappointed that Holiday didn't work out as it was obvious he was getting bad advice.  I can't help but wonder why North Carolina, Kansas, and UConn are able to keep their prized prospects longer than one year.  I wonder if it's because there aren't the same kinds of sharks in Chapel Hill, Lawrence, and Storrs that we have in LA enticing kids to jump to the pros to make the big bucks.  LA engenders its own mentality, and I can't help but fear that it whets the palettes of ballers looking to get paid.  I'm not just talking about agents and shoe representatives either.  There is a celebrity culture here that young people get caught up in that doesn't exist in "college towns" across America.  In this media age our kids get to live, see, touch, and experience all the things their peers read about in magazines or watch on TV.  They are exposed to the lifestyle they want to live on a daily basis.

I think CBH and UCLA suffer a bit from being located in this lovely city.  It's a great recruiting tool to get kids to come to UCLA, but on the other side of the token it also works against us when we try to keep them here.  I've gone on record here countless time defending the recruitment of elite talent regardless of their prospective tenures, but I didn't really appreciate how difficult it is to keep a prospect in school when we live in a city that's the epitome of self-promotion and greed.  This is something even our great Coach Wooden didn't have to deal with.


/end rambling

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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