LAT Blog/ Schenter response: Cars "for other women"? And where is Smart Bullets, Inc.?

From the FULL TEXT of his email to the LA Times, the very first paragraph (emphasis added):

I was very insulted in that you co-authored an article titled, "USC investigating tailback Joe McKnight’s use of vehicle" and "rushed" to publish it without comments from myself. My personal life was put in the open without the opportunity to comment (I had to disclose to my wife of the other cars I have purchased or helped buy for other women). I will make a few comments and will also be forwarding my comments to Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times, and other news organizations that I feel should hear from me so they may publish or have it for their records.

Anybody else want to check on what any other $C players' girlfriends are driving?


UPDATE (N): Here is the screenshot of the text:


Just in case it gets changed up. This is a very interesting observation indeed. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (M):  This gets even weirder, folks.

The link to Mr. Schenter's response is already included above, but here's another notable excerpt (boldface and italics in original):

More information, Johanna Michelle Beltran (Editor's note: This is McKnight's girlfriend and mother of his 10-month-old son) is a long time family friend and is an employee of Smart Bullets Inc. Smart Bullets Inc. has a patent to turn nuclear wastes into valuable metals, eliminating nuclear wastes and actually turning it into usable materials. The company also, called Smart Bullets because a protein (monoclonal antibody) attaches to a medical isotope (radiation) and attaches itself to the cancer cell and shoots off the radiation only attacking the cancer cell without hurting the healthy cells (this being a smart bullet)! My father, Dr. Robert Schenter, ex-director of National Association of Cancer Patients is the chief scientist and world authority on medical isotop [sic] production. We are looking to use this technology for AIDS/HIV, arthritis, cancer, and other diseases.

One catch, though.  Go to the official website for the California Secretary of State website at , go to the "California Business Search" option, and punch in "smart bullets".  You know what you get?  This:

No results matched the search term : "Smart Bullets"

Here is the link to the search portal -- try it yourself. More after the jump.

Now, Mr. Schenter says in his response to the LA Times that he is a UW fan.  OK, then -- here is the link to the Washington Secretary of State website at  .   If you punch in a search for entities that contain "smart bullets", you get this page (emphasis added):


UBI Number                        601822066
Category                            REG
Profit/Nonprofit                    Profit
Active/Inactive                     Inactive
State of Incorporation           WA
Date of Incorporation         09/29/1997
Expiration Date                  09/30/2007
Dissolution Date                 01/02/2008

Registered Agent Information
Agent Name                       ROBERT E SCHENTER
Address                             7203 W DESHUTES AVE
City                                   KENNEWICK
State                                 WA
ZIP                                    99336

SO, let's see if we have this straight:  Mr. Schenter (assuming this e-mail was legitimately sent by him) specifically claims that Ms. Beltran is "an employee of Smart Bullets Inc."  Per the CA Secretary of State website, "Smart Bullets, Inc." is apparently NOT listed as a registered corporation in California.  Per the WA Secretary of State website, an entity named "Smart Bullets, Inc." DISSOLVED in January 2008.

Are we missing something here?


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