Days After Being Featured In A PR Video, Hasiak Is "Sent Home And Is Not Likely To Return"

Bumped. The fun continues with UCLA football during bowl prep. GO BRUINS. -N

A wonderful day in Bruins Nation just keeps getting better. Here's the latest blow to our offensive line: the news that Stan Hasiak has seemingly been dismissed from the program indefinitely.

UCLA offensive lineman Stanley Hasiak has been sent home to Hawaii for personal reasons and is not likely to return, according to a source in the Bruins’ football program.

For those who want it, here's linkage.

I'm convinced UCLA is cursed on the offensive line.

UPDATE (N): More from the LAT blog linked above (emphasis added):

Hasiak, who is 6 feet 5, 318-pounds, has had trouble adjusting since coming to UCLA. He has had a series of confrontations with teammates during practices. He also has had a handful of off-the-field incidents, according to sources familiar with the program, including screaming at doctors and nurses while waiting for an X-ray at a hospital.

If that is case then perhaps the sources can answer the question why was Hasiak allowed to goof around in this video projecting the image of nothing was wrong:

I'd be interested to know whether the screaming episodes referred to in that post was taken before or after that video. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE II (N): longbordr52 makes the right point that "Hasiak is having a really tough time and we should support him, regardless of football." Can't agree with that any more. We do wish the kid luck. However, the way the story about him was leaked by sources (I am assuming connected to UCLA) raises the question why did UCLA football went out of its way and featured in that video? He could have been easily edited out. Again, just poor decision on the part of folks in charge of running this program and managing the image around it. GO BRUINS.

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