[Official Release] Bruins Heading To DC For Bowl Game?

Well it looks like the bowl game picture has gotten crystal clear. As Ryan fanshotted it's either DC or bust for CRN's football program.Bruins will be playing in the EagleBank Bowl in DC on December 29, provided Navy beats Army next weekend. UCLA has also sent out an official release with more details:

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The EagleBank Bowl announced today that Temple will meet Army or UCLA in the 2009 game to be held Tuesday, Dec. 29 in Washington, D.C.'s RFK Stadium. The game will be broadcast live on ESPN starting at 4:30 p.m. ET (1:30 p.m. PT).

"In either scenario, we feel we have a great matchup for this year's EagleBank Bowl," said Steve Beck, Executive Director of the EagleBank Bowl. "We look forward to hosting the players, coaches and their fans for a tremendous week of fun in the nation's capital."

With one of the youngest rosters in the country, UCLA won three straight games in November for a 6-6 record and are playing in their first bowl game under head coach Rick Neuheisel. The Bruins have gotten it done with defense as they boast the nation's interception leader in free safety Rahim Moore and defensive tackle Brian Price is tied for third nationally with 22.5 tackles for loss.

"I think a berth in the EagleBank Bowl is a nice reward for our program, which made steady progress this season," said UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. "The bowl is in a great location, we will be playing an outstanding oppoent, and we hope our fans, especially those on the East Coast, take the opportunity to support their Bruins on Dec. 29."

Temple received an at-large invitation to the EagleBank Bowl and will be playing in their first bowl game in 30 years. The Owls have experienced a football resurgence under fourth-year head coach Al Golden, going 9-3 this season and tieing for first-place in the Mid-American Conference.

Temple's opponent is contingent on the outcome of the Army-Navy game to be held Saturday in Philadelphia. If Army beats Navy, the Cadets will advance to their first bowl game since 1996. If Army loses to Navy, Temple will face UCLA in the EagleBank Bowl.

So yeah, GO NAVY.

If a Temple v. UCLA matchup materializes, expect to hear lot more about the matchup between Golden and CRN. Golden is now a certifiable hot commodity in the collegiate coaching ranks. He will probably be one of the leading contenders to replace Joe Pa at PSU. He was also one the key candidates Dan Guerrro interviewed during UCLA's last search for a head coach. So that story line will be interesting.

The official release has more info on the Eagle Bowl. However, the tidbits Jason dug up are even more interesting:

To put this in perspective, here are the payouts for the other bowls UCLA was in the running for:

Humanitarian Bowl: $750K
GMAC Bowl: $750K Bowl: $300K
EagleBank: $1M

And also for reference, the Pac-10 payouts :

Poinsettia Bowl: $500K
Emerald Bowl: $700K
Las Vegas Bowl: $1M

In other words, from a $$’s perspective, the EagleBank bowl is as good as the Las Vegas Bowl, and better than where USC is going to (Emerald Bowl). Hehe.

So that seems like good news. Now all we need is for Navy to take care business for us next Sat. Looks like we will have another wacky Saturday open thread to enjoy on BN.


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