Student Ticket Transfer System

Bumped. This post/thread is a great starting point to think about solutions to some of the issues we have been discussing re. attendance. GO BRUINS. -N

So here it is.  There is one painfully simple way to make sure the student sections of Pauley are filled every game, and that is to implement a ticket transfer system.  First though, a quick description of the student ticket process for those of you who aren't familiar.

Every year students who want tickets enter a lottery, because the demand for basketball tickets far exceeds the supply.  The packages available are the blue package, the gold package, and for those lucky enough a full package (both blue and gold).  Each package contains tickets to all home football games, all non-conference basketball games, and half of the team's Pac-10 games.  For the 2 biggest games of the year, $C and whichever marquee non-conference opponent we play (i.e. Kansas), one game is a part of the blue package and the other is a part of the gold.  The reason they split the games up into 2 packages is so that more students are afforded the opportunity to attend, and of course to make more money.

Now here comes the problem.  The tickets that students receive aren't paper tickets.  Our tickets are electronically placed onto our BruinCards, so the only person that can use them is the person whose face is on the card.  This system would work beautifully if everyone showed up, but that is completely unrealistic.  In fact, the university is counting on that fact that only about half of the ticket holders will show up to non-conference games, otherwise they would have to divide those between the 2 packages as well.

As of right now no system is in place that allows students to transfer or sell their electronic ticket to fellow, less fortunate students.  I know for a fact that such a system exists for regular season ticket holders.  If one of them can't make it or has an extra ticket, they can call CTO and let them know.  CTO will then place their ticket up for sale online and at the ticket office.  My opinion?  CTO is completely money driven, so of course they would set up a system to transfer $80 dollar tickets while completely ignoring the $5 dollar student tickets.

Now, I am as diehard as they come, and even I have had to miss a basketball game or 2.  My freshman year I did not have any tickets and was only able to see the great KL and RW twice (both times Gen Admission, both times over winter break).  Last year I had the Gold package, but had to miss the U$C game because I was in the hospital earlier that week.  This year I can go to every game, but missed Humboldt State (pre-season) due to work.  My point is stuff like this, unexpected or not, happens. 

Now I have been on both sides of the ball.  I have given my ID up to someone else before, and I have also used someone else's (at great risk I might add-the ticket lady was nice enough to overlook the mis-matched picture).  This proves that there is a large student market out there for basketball tickets, but currently we can't do anything about it.  Every student knows there should be a transfer system, and every student has complained to Game Staff, CTO, and USAC alike about there being no such system.  There may be students who only want to go to a game or 2, and that is fine.  There are also students like me who would go to every game, but don't receive tickets.  Not everyone can make every game, but together we can fill them all if only the university would let us.

This brings me to my final point, and that is that we students need your alumni's help.  We have complained over and over, but our cries have fallen on deaf ears.  We even elected student representative Thach Nguyen (email: who promised to work towards a transfer system.  Of course, that is the same Thach Nguyen who organized the Bruin Bear Security Force, so I'm not holding out much hope there.  I plead to you alumni, let the money speak.  Our student tickets are so cheap that the CTO doesn't care what we have to say.  It's clear, however, that they care about their season ticket holders, about the people paying $100/night and making exorbitant donations to fund the Pauley renovation.  We need you to go to bat for us. 

I know that there must be some alumni reading this site who have connections in Athletics, USAC, or CTO.  If so, WE NEED YOU.  We're tired of seeing Pauley half full and you're tired of seeing Pauley half full, so let's tighten the screws and turn up the pressure on the university.  I honestly have no idea who would be "the" guy or girl to talk to about this, but CTO would be a good start.  Just make sure you don't start yelling at the first person to answer the phone.  Ask for a manager, because CTO is mostly student employed.  Their contact info is below.


Phone: (310) 825-2101


Thank you in advance for you help, and Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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