Football Recruiting Notes: One Richardson Is In, CRN Speaks To Elite So. Cal Prep Teams

Bruin Report Online's Brandon Huffman had the scoop last night. Los Alamitos cornerback Shaquille Richardson is the latest recruit to commit to Neuheisel's Bruins. OldSage linked up the story from OC Varsity blog here. Jon Gold posted some more info. on his blog:

Los Alamitos cornerback Shaquille Richardson -'s No. 31 cornerback - has orally committed to UCLA.

Here's his profile: Shaq Richardson

All reports on the kid are positive, and he had solid stats this year, finishing with six interceptions.

Don't forget, he's also the cousin of Serra wideout Paul Richardson, a four-star prospect. Could be a tandem deal coming up.

More from Greg Biggins on Shaq's committment:

"I just got tired of the recruiting process," Richardson said. "UCLA has been my top school for as long as I can remember. I've always wanted to go there and when they offered me in the summer, I actually thought about committing on the spot but I wanted to take my visits first.

"I was most comfortable at UCLA and I knew nothing was going to change that, so I called up coach (Rick) Neuheisel and decided to get it over with. I'm excited to be a Bruin and I like the direction the program is going in. I know I have some things to work on but my goal is to get in there and get as much early playing time as I can. It would be great to play as a true freshman but if I'm not in the rotation, I would be fine with redshirting."

In the same post Shaq also provided some interesting comments on Carnell Lake:

"Carnell Lake is going to be my position coach and that's pretty exciting as well. A former NFL all-pro is going to be teaching me, how can you beat that."

I'd say interesting because it is cool to see a first year coach already getting referenced prominently by local recruits. When you see more of that you can take that as a sign of that coach busting his rear end on recruiting trail. Not to mention it is great to see recruits noting the cache Lake brings to our program.

Jon Gold also quoted an "inside source" from UCLA about Paul which indicated that he might be waiting to take couple of more recruiting trips. Paul of course was the first "commitment" during summer before he decided to back out thinking he wanted to enjoy the whole recruiting "process" (can't blame a kid for wanting to be wined and dined all over the country).

Anyway, I am not sweating Paul Richardson's recruiting all that much. He will commit to UCLA if he feels like we are the right fit after going through the process. If not I am sure we will not have any shortage of options. Rick Neuheisel is clearly making his mark in the Southland recruiting scene. Here is the latest evidence of it: CRN speaking at the Southern Section luncheon honoring the teams set to play this weekend in championship games:

The video was posted by Eric Sondheimer on LAT's Varsity Times Insider blog.

Going back to Shaq, he becomes the 16th commit for class of 2010. Given the news on graduation of four seniors, from my count UCLA right now has about 5-6 more scholarships to hand out in next few weeks. So it will be fun to see how the class fills out.


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