Does anyone know a good Rabbi in Austin?

Bumped. Bruins in Texas or any Long Horns who might have information for BaldBruin, please help him out! We need him at the game. GO BRUINS. -N

Crazy title, but this post is not OT.

This past weekend, I attended a holiday party with some UCLA friends with whom my wife and I routinely travel to away UCLA football games.  We usually pick one or two away games each year to attend which unfortunately has fallen off in recent years, as our kids have grown older and gotten more involved in fall sports, like soccer and flag football.

We've been to South Bend, Tennessee, several bowl games and to nearly all the pac-10 stadiums.  We constantly try to do our small part to improve the impression many  have that UCLA's fans "don't travel well". 

It was on the bus ride from Chicago to South Bend in 2006 when our crew began planning our trip to Austin in 2010 to catch the UT vs. UCLA football game.  Back then, we didn't care what day the game fell on or whether either team would be rebuilding or on the upswing.  This was a game that couldn't be missed.  6th Street, UT Austin, Beer Gardens, great bars, a Saturday in the great state of Texas watching your favorite college football team do battle with the Longhorns, one of the country's premier athletic and academic institutions.

Out came our Blackberry's and IPhones to begin checking dates, flights and hotel availability as party-goers around us continued to drink in the holiday cheer.

"Holy crap," I exclaimed to one of my friends, "do you know what day the game falls on?"

"Yeah, Saturday September 18th.  Why?" he replied.

"Well, guess what.  Unless we can figure out a way to move the game or change the date of Yom Kippur, looks like we'll be watching the game at the family break-the-fast over brisket, bagels and Manischewiz wine."

"You're kidding" he dejectedly replied.

"Outlook doesn't lie" I responded turning my Blackberry, revealing the calendar entry from 9/18/2010.

Well, not sure what we're going to do just yet.  Religion is fairly important to us, especially  raising young children with an understanding of how important their heritage is.  And this being the holiest day of the year, it appears unlikely right now that we'll be making the pilgrimage to Austin in 2010.

"You better post on this" my wife immediately said once she heard of the news, right after her knee-jerk reaction of "screw Yom Kippur", which she quickly retracted after realizing the gravity of the situation. 

So here I am.  Looking for some help from my blogger friends on BN.  No sympathy.  But maybe a call to action.  Not sure you can provide any solutions other than a cathartic sounding board and I suspect there is little chance they will move the game.  Not even sure who "they" are.  But you never know.  Maybe someone knows the head Rabbi in Austin and you can ask that he write a letter to the President of UT, or the Athletic Director or Mack Brown, pleading the case of the many Jewish UCLA (and UT) Football fans who won't be able to see the game live because they'll be fasting in temple, trying to repent for the many sins committed during the prior year (like the time I made one of my son's friends take off his USC sweatshirt before I drove him in carpool to school.  Is this really a sin, I ask?)

Maybe we'll get lucky and kick-off will be scheduled for after sundown on Saturday and we all can go to temple during the day and break the fast with beer and brats in the parking lot of Darrell K. Royal, Texas Memorial Stadium later that evening.  You never know.

I guess we start with finding a good Rabbi in Austin.  Anybody have any leads?

Go Bruins!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of BruinsNation's (BN) editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of BN's editors.</em>

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